My One Year Runniversary!


My destiny with running started on March 2, 2010 when I ran my first mile of training for the Great Bay Half Marathon and back then I had no idea what it would turn into.  Here I am today just  few weeks away  from my second Marathon….I would have never imagined that before running for one full year I would be training for the Boston Marathon.
What made me start running? I simply needed a change in my life, something new and challenging.  Also, I was bored with my workout routine and needed a new challenge.  I’ve had in mind that some day I’d run a marathon, so there I was signing up to run my first Half Marathon in only 6 weeks to test my endurance.  After crossing the finish line, I remember Steph, my husband’s friend from College who also run that race and she is an incredible runner, telling me that I would be now addicted to running and racing but even though I had a great sense of accomplishment I was exhausted! My legs were hurting, I could barely walk and the only thing I could think of was not running at this level of exhaustion again!  Needless to say my  Steph was absolutely correct! I totally fall in love with running and became a very dedicated runner.  I have learned so much about running and about myself this year and I cannot imagine what I would be doing now without it.  Running has become such a huge part of my life now and has introduced me to the most amazing people like Steph who have encouraged me, advised me, and pushed me!

Highlights from my first running year:

Miles Run: 1650 Miles
Race Events Joined: 9 ~ Official Races. Two 5Ks,  one 4-miler, one 10K, 4 Half Marathons and 1 Marathon.
Running Shoes Used: 3  ~ I found that the Ascics G-2150 are the best fit for me, just bought the 4th one!
First Race: Great Bay Half Marathon, April 11, 2010. Time: 1:44:38
Fastest Half Marathon: Seacoast Half Marathon, November 14, 2010 Time: 1:36:39 Pace 7:23
Fastest 5K: Luv2Run 5 K Race, April 18, 2010 Time 21:51 Pace 7:03
Favorite Race: The 5K Jingle Run last December because I had to do it with my husband Dustin.  Running is definitely one of his least favorite physical activity, still he committed to run with me dressed up just because he knew how important that was to me.
Awards: 2. Third Overall Women in the Luv2Run 5 K Race, 2nd Place in my age group in the Maine Marathon



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