I love photography and I love running.  One day Dustin and I were talking and running while taking photos came up.  I think that running and photography are both arts in their own form, so wouldn’t be fun to capture the beautiful things and people I see and meet on a run.  We thought I should combine the two passions I have and create something new and fun….we called this new activity RUNNOGRAPHY!

We took into consideration that taking pictures while running is not the ideal thing to do because of the constant movement of the body and the chance that the photos would be blurry is pretty high.  However, Dustin pointed out that that was the interesting part of it and I would have the opportunity to capture movement.  He said that I could be happily surprised with the outcome, and it’s worth the try even if only one out of ten photos came out good.  Obviously, from a runner’s point of view, when I run I want to be as light as possible and I realize that bringing a camera is like adding more weight when running.  That’s why I decided to experiment runnography this morning that I had schedule a short and easy 6 mile run.  I left home around 6 AM with my small digital camera on me.  It was still dark out but by the time I was in Harvard and went running along the Charles River,  the sun started to rise.  My first ‘runnography’ session went better than I expected, the photos came out not so bad, I had a lot of fun and 6 miles were over before I knew it!

On Mass Ave in Porter Square

Speeding cars

My Garmin Forerunner 110


The Charles River

Looking down


I am thinking to even start my own ‘Runnography’ club!


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