Boston is for the LOML Dustin

I am dedicating my Boston Marathon to my husband Dustin! He is my inspiration.

As this time that the marathon is approaching I want to acknowledge my wonderful husband for being so supportive and encouraging, I  could not run the amount I did if he wasn’t there. He’s made many sacrifices during my marathon training.

  • During the last 4 months the coffee grinder woke him up every day at 4:30 AM.
  • He took care of our puppy Luna while I was out running.  He took her for early morning walks, fed her and made sure she was all set before he would leave for work at 7 AM and I would come back from a run.
  • He had to hear me talking about pace runs, fartlek, lactic acid, PR and everything running related, over and over.
  • He saw me fading at 8:30 PM pretty much every day, including week ends.
  • He drove me out to Hopkinton, and not on the fast highway but following the marathon course, so I could run back and get familiar with the route.
  • He took care of me, massaging me, icing my sore muscle and making me laugh as he always knows how.
  • He got worried when I was out running in the freezing cold or in a snowstorm.
  • And finally, the poor thing has to deal with me and my jitters.

Now, take everything I just said (and some) and double it!

In fact, this journey started last June when I began training for my first Marathon and it was almost non-stop until today.  He was always there for me, encouraging me and supporting me,  he even rode his bicycle along with me for about 20 miles on the Maine Marathon course being my movable water station.  Then October came.  I run the Marathon, qualified for Boston, and signed up for Boston that by the way sold out in a record time of 8 hours.  I took a couple of months off from a hard training and then did all over again.  But this time with our new addition to the family, Miss Luna, it was harder to schedule the runs.  Puppies are a lot of work and it took us awhile to get used to this new routine and the earlier woke up but we planned it so good that I would be back from the run on time for Dustin to go to work without leaving her home alone.  Oh, and on top of  all that, Dustin got a promotion which involved more responsability, more works hours, more traveling…. basically more stress.  And even then he was still his positive and supportive self!  Phew what a Marathon ah!  Don’t you feel he deserve this Marathon more than anyone?  Absolutely!

Amore mio, thanks for being you! Boston is for YOU!

My hubby biking along in one of my 20 Miler

4 Days….

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