Boston Marathon Expo & Pick Up Packet

Today was the day that me and my husband headed to downtown to go to the Boston Marathon Sports & Fitness Expo!  We’ve both been looking forward to go.  Last year we went too,  I just started running and I was really excited to go to such a big expo where I could find everything around in the running world. But this year, that I am actually running in it…surreal,  it was a totally different experience!

Boston Baby

Before going to the expo, I stopped NikeTown on  Newbury Street in Boston, where my running hero and elite runner Kara Goucher was there to meet her fans and  sign autograph.  It was really crowded when I got there but patiently I got to her and she signed my Runner’s World  magazine copy while I whispered to her that she was going to win on Monday.  She looked at me with a pretty smile and thank me. But I still wasn’t happy, I looked at her and said:” Not seriously, I know it! ”  Besides being an amazing athlete, she is gorgeous from the inside out!  She looks like she is 17, and she just had a baby in September!  After that she lead a 8 mile “shakeout run”…..probably  a little to much for me, with only 2 days before the Marathon!

Kara signing autograph

I instead headed with Dustin to the  Hynes Convention center to the Expo.  First stop was the bib pick-up area. On my first Marathon I’ve simply informed the volunteer of my name or bib number and they have just gave me my packet.  Not the case here in Boston where I actually had to present my official registration card that was mailed over a month ago to Boston Qualifiers – along with my  photo ID before they gave me my bib, timing chip, safety pins and race day instructions.

My number 12344!

Next up was to get my marathon shirt and bag.  This will be the bag I put some clothes, camera and phone in on race morning before I start, so I can stay warm and connected while I wait a couple hours to start. The BAA buses the bags to the finish for runners.  Pretty good system they have going on!

The Boston Expo is one of the biggest in the running world, it was so much fun walking around the booths, sampling energy gels, Larabars, protein drinks etc.  By the Energy Armor Band booth Dustin got pulled in by one of the seller and she made Dustin stand on one foot with arm open on the side, she pushed down on his arm and Dustin fell over as you would imagine.  THen she put the band on his wrist and did the same and he actually seemed to keep his balance.  Being the sceptic that I am I said, “Oh no way, you try that on me little miss sales lady” so she did and what do you know, same thing…I was sold, we came home each with a new bracelet on our wrist.

I also got Sweaty Band…..Italian flag.

I also picked up the Adidas poster that has all the runners names on it running the 2011 Boston Marathon….can you see my name?

After the expo we walked to check out the finish line, but I didn’t dare to cross it!!

What a great day we had!  To top it off, I worked some more on storing that glycogen and for dinner I cooked a delicious zucchini spaghetti dish, from a recipe that my sister Samanta in Italy made up…pretty delicious!

2 more Days…..


2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Expo & Pick Up Packet

  1. I have one of those bands too…mine is just a different brand! I’m not sure how much they work….it may just be a mental thing. Either way, I’m wearing mine! hahaha. Christina and I also bought sweaty bands…they were so cute and seemed very practical. I love your Italian Sweaty Band!

  2. I was a little skeptical at first, I’ve never really found a headband that wouldn’t move when running, but the sweaty band worked really good for me…I couldn’t believe it stayed in place for 26.2 miles ha ha

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