2011 Best Running Blogs

I noticed different blogs mentioning the “Best Running Blogs – 2011” list so I checked it out.  I thought I’d share with you and I’d like to raise my glass to all the blogs that made the list.  There are many blogs listed, that I personally love, and some I am sure will be come new favorites as I take time to visit all the blogs on the list I do not currently read.

Jake Rosen, the creator of the Best Running Blogs – 2011 says;” Just to clarify, this list is made up of independent blogs. The criteria I used is both objective and subjective. The objective data includes metrics and analytics ranging from Compete and Quantcast traffic scores to the average number of comments per week. The subjective data is focused more on post quality, community engagement and activity.”

So here is his the list of the 2011’s best running blogs. I hope you’ll use the list to find some awesome running blogs and mostly to connect with the running community.

  1. Tall Mom on the Run: She is just on top of it. Great posts, great community. I promise you will enjoy this blog.
  2. MissZippi1: I love that she talks about the highs and lows of running.
  3. My Reason to Run: Runs for all the right reasons.
  4. Run to the Finish: She has such a great outlook on life.
  5. How to Run Fast: Talks about the science of running, reviews products/workouts and gets people thinking.
  6. Asthma and the Gift of Running: What an amazing story. You have to read it.
  7. The Happy Runner: I enjoy following along as she tells her story.
  8. Running Off at the Mouth: She has done some amazing things, including losing weight and keeping it off.
  9. Fumbling Towards Endurance: He seems like a cool guy and I’m in awe of his ultra running.
  10. Run Faster Mommy: Talks about running, other endurance activities and life in general.
  11. 5 Miles Past Empty: Her posts are just welcoming. You feel like she is talking directly to you.
  12. Morning Runner: I sometimes struggle with that 4am wake up too, so I empathize with every post.
  13. Half-Fast: Coming back to blogging after a little break.
  14. When I get a Little, Run Run Run: It’s a story that everybody can relate to.
  15. Feet Meet Street: Great guy and you can feel his emotions as he writes about them. Must read!
  16. Lil Runner: Family and health make a great combination on this blog.
  17. I Have Run: Talks about her running and family, both in an honest way.
  18. A Trail Runner’s Blog: He runs cool races and knocks them out of the park.
  19. Its Just One Foot in Front of the Other: You can see her passion for running in every post.
  20. Manderz Journey to a New Life: She runs all the time and recaps the races. What a great story.
  21. Mile Posts: She knows her stuff and coaches the best. Listen to her if you want to learn about running.
  22. One Step at a Time: An almost daily account of her running journey in a very transparent way.
  23. Running Circles Around Turtles: She has done some awe-inspiring things.
  24. Always a Reason to Run: A little bit of everything and a lot of fun.
  25. Run, Courtney, Run: She exemplifies the community of aspect of running.
  26. Run DMT: She has a little bit of everything mixed together. Running, cooking, family, fun and philosophy.
  27. Baby Weight My Fat Ass: Good story. Good posts.
  28. Gotta Run Now: She just keeps running. I’ve learned a lot from reading the blog.\
  29. Running on my Time: I was referred to this blog recently, so just started reading. I plan on reading more.
  30. Words to Run By: Shes doing all the right things. Its cool to read.
  31. 25 Before 25: Great blog and the food looks delicious.
  32. On and Off the Track: He might as well be my running professor.
  33. Her Name is Rio and She Runs: Very solid blog. Another new one to feed reader.
  34. Muddy Runner: He has accomplished some amazing things in a short amount of time.
  35. Run Zoe Run: She keeps it light and entertaining, while offering up giveaways on a regular basis
  36. Dirty Running: He runs in some very cool places. I’m jealous.
  37. 26.2 Quest: Great guy and great perspective. He talks about running, but in the context of life.
  38. Two Motivate: This blog is unique in the best way.
  39. Running With Attitude: Talks a lot about her goals and aspirations.
  40. Moms Home Run: I agree with almost everything she writes.
  41. That Girl is a Running Fool: She has been doing quite a bit of running over the last couple of years. Shes killing it.
  42. Runner Dude: His resume is impressive and posts are great to read. I also love that he is a fellow North Carolinian.
  43. Running with Snakes: Another great story of accomplishment and tackling ultras.
  44. My First 5K Blog: She writes, she listens to her readers and keeps me interested.
  45. There Are No Limits: He posts inspiration content and supportive messages all the time.
  46. Jill Will Run: She talks about the emotions of running. Its refreshing to get such an honest account.
  47. Just a Mile to Go: His running stories and tips are amazing.
  48. Fabulous Running Mommy: Inspirational. Enough said.
  49. Quadrathon: He is a runner at heart. He has run an unbelievable list of races.
  50. Feet in Motion: She found her passion for running earlier in life than most.
  51. Running Bird: His commitment impresses me.
  52. Run Bulldog Run: His race accounts just draw you in.
  53. Tales of the Runner: Love seeing pictures of where hes running.
  54. Joggin’ Momma: Very detailed account of her running journey.
  55. Moore on Running: An inspiring story of turning his life around and sticking with it.
  56. Mommies on the Run: Great resource for moms who want to see how another mom does it all.
  57. Running is a Journey: I would love to run where she does. Great pictures, great stories.

One of my favorite and first blog I started to follow is Sisters Running the Kitchen. Two sisters, Mary & Christina that  have a passion for running and cooking.  They have so many great recipe and I love their posts.  I actually had the fortune to meet them last April at the Boston Marathon Expo.  I was so surprised that with all the people at the Expo I run into my favorite bloggers.  What a small world after all!

This is the moment that I recognize Mary & Christine =)

What is your favorite blog?


7 thoughts on “2011 Best Running Blogs

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  2. I am glad too you find my blog so I could find yours! I LOVE your blog Summer and you have a beautiful family! Thanks so much for connecting! I am really excited to put your blog in my favorite blogs list=))

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