Follow Your Passion…Do what you love!

Inspired by Oprah’s last show, today I would really like to encourage you to think about what it is you love and what you love to do.  Find and follow what you are passionate about you are not only gonna bring excitement and happiness into your life again but you will make a difference in the world.

Unfortunately there are too many people out there that do a job they don’t like.  I know few of them and I can tell you that they want  to get out of the rut they are in but have convinced themselves that this is where they need to stay and are pessimistic about exploring options.  But think about it, we spend so many hours of our lives working.  Don’t you think is unhealthy to be unhappy for half of our adult life?  So, why not take control of your life and make the changes necessary to do what you actually want to do.  I know for experience that it’s not as easy at it sounds but here’s how start the process to do what you love:

  • Find your passion and what makes you come alive.  Ask yourself what are you crazily interested in and think about what you could talk about for hours.
  • Find your strengths and talent.  Write down things you’re naturally good at.  If you are having a hard time with it and can’t think of many of your strenghts involve your friends, family, or peers and ask them what they think you’re naturally talented at.
  • DREAM BIG.  Create the vision of what you want to become, and never stop working for it.  If you work hard enough, the universe will listen.
  • Be committed is the first step to succed.  Instead of saying “I will try to” say  “I want to”.  When we focus on what we want to do as opposed to what is not working, our minds will visualize the things we want and we will find ourselves moving toward our goals.
  • Change, while scary, is necessary to grow.  As much as you want to make the change for yourslef I know it can be scary and difficult to move out of the comfort zone and let go of old patterns, but moving toward a new direction is most definitely worth it.
  • Make the time to move towards your goal.  Lots of things we put in our daily “To do list” are not a “MUST” and it’s not the end of  the world if you don’t do them.  Make a lits of activities you can give up to make time for your new journey.

Clearness and commitment are the biggest steps, the rest is easy.  Just remember one step at a time.  Follow your passion and you will create an amazing life for yourself!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu


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