Our Vision Board Party

The Law of Attraction: Creating a Vision Board

Have you ever heard about “The Secret” or  “The Law of Attraction”?  I definitely have.  The idea is that we all have the power to determine our own destiny.  We can all create our own reality, be who we want to be and have everything we want to have.  For example if our thoughts are negative, we attract negative things. If our thoughts are positive, we attract positive things.  A useful tool, mentioned in “The Secret” by John Assaraf , when you set goals is the creation of what is known by few different names: dreamboard, vision board, or treasure map.  You might know that writing down your goals is very powerful and a vision board is like a visual representation of these goals.

Being the visual person that I am, a visual board definitely resonate with me more than writing down my goals.  So, since I love to sparkle my creativity & I love spending time with my family & friends I decided to share this idea with my loved ones and make this process a yearly ritual. Yesterday, I brought supportive, loving people together and I held our first annual vision board party.  We had a fabulous time together as we ate, drank, listened to music and talked while putting together a visible reminder of our dreams.

I think Vision Boards done in a group is very powerful.  First because everyone clarify and declare openly their desires and intentions.  Second because working in groups acts as a support team for each other while working toward their goals.   As we say in Italy “ L’unione fa la forza” which literally means “Union makes strength.”  While this is not necessary, and you can do a visual board by yourself, it is certainly an added benefit of the activity.

Prior to the vision board party

I went for a very refreshing 11 mile run on the Charles River.  I love water, I found it very relaxing and calming.  Running along the water allowed me to center and I found my mind wander.  I was thinking about the purpose of my vision board.  What I want to achieve,  what are my dreams and goals.  It definitely helped deepen the process and get a clearer idea of what I wanted my board to be about.  So, before you start to make your vision board picture yourself in the future.  See the person you are; what you are doing, who you are with, what you have accomplished etc… The more clearly you can imagine what you want, the more likely you are to pursue it!

Supplies we collected for the vision board party

  • Poster board.  I personally like white space so I used a white one, but you can get any color you want!
  • A big stack of different magazines.  We had lots of different types, like Oprah, Real Simple, Natural Home, Yoga Journal, Dwell, Parenting, Money, Women’s & Men’s Health, Running etc.. just to have more options and don’t lose interest quickly.
  • A pair of scissors for each one of us
  • Glue sticks
  • Printer to print out good pictures found on the internet or in your Iphoto. Definitely a quicker method
  • Markers and coloring pencils

Do you think we had enough magazines=)

When I sent out the invitation e-mail a week ago I made sure to include the process of making a vision board.  Here is what I wrote:

The Five Steps of Creating a Vision Board:

Step 1: Go through your magazines and tear the images from them. No gluing yet! Just let yourself have lots of fun looking through magazines and pulling out pictures or words or headlines that strike you. Have fun with it. Make a big pile of images and phrases and words.

Step 2: Go through the images and begin to lay your favorites on the board. Eliminate any images that no longer feel right. This step is where your intuition comes in. As you lay the pictures on the board, you’ll get a sense how the board should be laid out. For instance, you might assign a theme to each corner of the board. Health, Job, Spirituality, Relationships, for instance. Or it may just be that the images want to go all over the place. Etc…

Step 3: Glue everything onto the board. Add writing if you want. You can paint on it, or write words with markers.

Step 4: Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

There are three Types of Vision Boards:

1 – The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

  • You’re very clear about your desires.
  • There is a specific thing you want to manifest in your life. (a new home, or starting a business=)

How to create this vision board:

With your clear desire in mind, set out looking for the exact pictures that describe your vision.

2 – The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

  • You’re not sure what exactly you want
  • You’ve been in a period of depression.
  • You have a vision of what you want, but are uncertain about it in some way.
  • You know you want change but don’t know how it’s possible.

How to create this vision board:

Go through each magazine and tear out images that attract you. Don’t ask why. Just keep going through the magazines. Just have fun and be open to whatever. Then, as you go through Step 2 above, ask yourself what this picture might mean. What is it telling you about you? Does it mean you want to move, or stop hanging out with a particular person who drains you? Most likely you’ll know the answer. If you don’t, but you still love the image, then put it on your vision board anyway. The Opening and Allowing Vision Board can be a powerful guide!

3 – The “Theme” Vision Board

Do this vision board if:

  • It’s your birthday or some significant event that starts a new cycle.
- If you are working with one particular area of your life. For instance, Work & Career.

How to create this vision board:

Same as the first one


When we were finally done (at 11 PM) we took turns and shared our boards to each other.  Our collages ended up totally different looking but we all were very happy.  I made us feel uplifted, inspired and motivated!

I personally recommend this exercise to anyone that has ever made a resolution and forget about it.  If you are new to this whole “Law of Attraction” thing and not sure what to think about it, give it a try.  It certainly is a very nice idea that  at least  will put you in a better mood and it’s a lot of fun!

Dare to dream!  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Few great quotes

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in the thing makes it happen.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

“Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach.  Check your road and the nature of your battle.  The world you desire can be won.  It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.” ~ Ayn Rand

“The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending.  When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.” ~Abraham Hicks


One thought on “Our Vision Board Party

  1. I have the most amazing daughter -in -law!!! You are so talented!!! The vision board party was such an energizing, empowering group experience and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it!!! I highly recommend the process to anyone. It is a true honor to be able to do this with family and friends! With true loving praise, your mother-in-law!!!

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