Happy Anniversary…for our 1st and 3rd wedding!

Did I ever mention that I had been married three times?   That might raise a few questions in some of your curious minds so, just to clarify I have only been married to one great man and that is Dustin!  We just had three weddings!  I am from Italy and my hubs is from Maine. So this presented a small “problem” when we wed.  Most of my husbands family and friends weren’t able to come to our Italy wedding so the obvious remedy to the situation was to have a second wedding in Maine!  How fun!!  I surely wasn’t complaining because I got to wear two times, yes I said two, the wedding dress.  Every girls dream right?!  Even though it was crazy having two weddings we really did have a splendid time at both and they will forever be some of our most cherished memories!  We got married in my hometown Arco in Italy on September 8, 2007 and we renewed our vows in Dustin’s hometown Tenants Harbor in Maine on June 21,2008.  Now, I bet you are wondering when we got married the third time?

First of all, I’d like to say that September 8th is when Dustin and I celebrate our wedding anniversary as it was the day when I wore the “magical” white dress for the first time and Dustin waited impatiently for the bride to arrive on the outside steps of the church of my hometown in Italy.  However before that, on June 21st of 2007 we had to get married at the City Hall in Somerville in Massachusetts.  The reason of that is that in order to get married in church in Italy you must appear before the town clerk and declare your intention to get married.  After the civil ceremony our banns (wedding announcement) had to be posted, for two consecutive Sundays, at the town hall where I grew up and in the church in the North End in Boston where Dustin & I lived at the time.   Four days after the second Sunday the banns are posted you are free to marry. This allowed us to have our Traditional Church Wedding Ceremony and also our wedding is legally recognized by the Italian civil authorities.

Therefore, today is our anniversary of our 1st and 3rd wedding!  Oh and we planned this date very carefully so it would be the same day, June 21st, and we would have only two dates to celebrate total.   In fact, it was my hubby brilliant idea to chose the date of the Civil Ceremony as the same date of our wedding in Maine but one year later.  In this way the Maine wedding would have been an even more meaningful event as we would celebrate the year anniversary for our Civil Ceremony.  Here’s a look back with some pictures from our Civil Ceremony and our US Wedding.

June 21, 2007 ~  Civil Ceremony at the City Hall in  Somerville,MA

I couldn't believe it!

I loved my bouquet!


Celebrating at Umbria in Boston, the place where we met=)

June 21, 2008 ~ Maine Wedding on June 21,2008

Marshall Point Lighthouse~Port Clyde, Maine

Dustin's brother Greg playing the guitar beautifully for us!

Me & my sister Samanta

Dustin & his brother Gregg

With the Rugiero/Hefferon Family

My oldest brother Giuseppe and his family came all the way from Italy=)

My sister Samanta & husband Matteo came from Italy too=))

La mia mamma~My mom came from Italy as well=)

Son & Mom Dance

Brothers & Father Dance??=D

A fun party!

Dancing Party

More dancing

Is that Dustin?

Sunflower is my favorite flower...I LOVED my bouquet!

Our Lighthouse=)

Thank you for an amazing 4 years Dustin… I can’t wait to see where the next many years will take us.  You are the best thing that has ever happened to me,  my rock, my best friend, my supporter… I love you!!!!!

Do you have any crazy wedding story?  I’d love to hear all about it!


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary…for our 1st and 3rd wedding!

  1. I love your love for one another. You two are a true joy to be around and it is always such a gift to watch you support one another and banter playfully, and be the rock that each of you need. Love is is but a wasted opportunity if not shared with someone special, if not shared with the community of your nearest and dearest, if not given the chance to blossom in the eye of storms as well as on the most perfectly beautiful days…..thank you for sharing your committment to one another with the rest of us, you remind us all of how good it feels to be cherished and the value of putting your heart and soul into the relationships that matter most. Love you guys! …….now have a 4th so I can party hearty with you already!

  2. All right, all right guys…Wedding number 4 here it comes=) I’ve been saying it though that I wish you,Amanda,were in our wedding so we might have to consider…maybe for the 5th Anniversary hehe

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