Race Report: B.A.A. Inaugural 10K

Yesterday morning, I ran the inaugural B.A.A. 10K.  For me this was the second 10K I’ve ever run with my first one being almost exactly one year ago.  There were over 3000 runners but it didn’t seem at all that crowded.  Again another successful well organized race by the B.A.A, these guys are the Boston Marathon organizer and let me tell you they know how to put together a race.

B.A.A 10k Course Map

When I woke up around 5:30 AM, I was dragging and I was tired.  I had a cup of coffee and relaxed for 20 minutes until Dustin got out of bed and slowly  started to get ready.  I definitely was not feeling this race, like last half marathon I did at the end of May, I wasn’t feeling very optimistic for this race as I did not train at all for this race.  The month of June was super busy for me and didn’t run as much as I wanted to, plus on Thursday I went for an easy 4 miles run and it was so terrible. The biggest thing I had hard time with was breathing.  I was running at a 8:45 minutes mile and I was huffing and puffing.  The pollen was still very high and I guess the allergy hit me really hard this year.  You would think that with all the rain we had lately it would be better right?  Instead surprisingly it made it worse.  Bottom line, I wasn’t feeling my best and honestly I wasn’t that excited about going running, let alone running hard.

My lucky number came in the mail

Around 6:30 we headed to Davis Square and got on the T that was full of runners with their numbers proudly displayed.  We got off at Park Street station, and walked up to the Public Garden looking for a big white tent where Gina and her boyfriend Matt were waiting for us.  For this race the B.A.A sent the bib numbers in the mail so, there were non bib distribution on the morning of the race. However, the the official race T-Shirt didn’t come in the mail with the bib number.  So, before we all headed toward Charles Street at the starting line I picked up my T-Shirt.  The morning started out cool but vey humid. Race conditions included a temperature of 66 degrees and 95 percent humidity…pretty gross ah!

Goofing aroung before the race

The exciting thing about this race was that some of the most amazing distance runners were participating too!  To mention few, there was Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb, the first woman ever to complete the Boston Marathon, Marathon legends Joan Benoit Samuelson and Bill Rodgers.  And if that wasn’t good enough the male and female winners of the 2011 Boston Marathon run the race along with several other elite runners.  Pretty overwhelming right?!

The Elite Runners warming up

At about 15 minutes from the beginning of the race they asked the runners to get seeded in the starting corrals based on the anticipated finish times and pace per mile.

Gina and I lined up near the 7 Mile pace sign and thinking that the elite runners were only few rows ahead of us gave us goosbumps.  There were three starts for different corrals and I started in the first wave.

Getting seeded

The route had us starting and ending between the Boston Common and the Public Garden. The run through Commonwealth Ave was great because it was all shade.  The skies were overcast for the most part but the sun was coming through at a few points.  The stretch up Comm Ave where the 5k turnaround was long, slightly uphill and not shaded.  The good thing was that the sky was still overcast, otherwise that stretch would have been pretty brutal.  Gina and I were running together and at about mile 2, I started to think that we had gone out a bit too fast. The first two miles were in the high 6’s low 7’s and I could start to feel myself getting a bit slower.  I got a little over mile 2 and I saw the winners running back.  They were flying.  Having an out and back was pretty cool for this race as you got to see these amazing people.  They had water stops at each mile, which was really good because even if it wasn’t that hot the humidity was pretty bad.  Beside that, overall I was feeling pretty good and I was cruising along and just kept pushing the pace a little faster.

Here we come

When we got around the corner back towards the Common and I heard the crowd cheering around the finish line I told Gina: “Come on let’s do this together.” Not very convinced she said: ” Yeah right together.”  I heard Dustin & Matt cheering for us and that gave me that extra push.  I kicked my heels up and broke ahead of Gina with a sprint and before I knew it I was done! I hit stop on my garmin and switched it to the overall screen.  I was very happy to see that I run about 2 minutes faster than my first 10K and I had now a new 10k PR!

To the Finish Line

The men’s and women’s winners of the Boston Marathon in April took the top spots on the podium at the inaugural Boston Athletic Association 10K.  Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won with a time of 27 minutes, 19 seconds. Gebre Gebremariam of Ethiopia finished second (28:11) and Moses Mosop of Kenya finished third (28:29). In April, Mutai won the marathon in 2:03.02, the fastest marathon ever recorded, followed by Mosop and Gebremariam.

Geoffrey Mutai is going so fast that he is almost invisible!

On the women’s side, Caroline Kilel of Kenya finished first (31:58) and Kim Smith, the New Zealand native, came in second (32:06).

Caroline Kilel - Woman Winner

My B.A.A 10K Race Stats:

Mile 1 – 6:46 
Mile 2 – 07:07 
Mile 3 – 07:12 
Mile 4 – 7:08 
Mile 5 – 7:00 
Mile 6 – 7:03 
last .2 – 6:40 average

Overall Time: 44:07 at a average pace of 7:06
Overall Place: 338 out of 3040 runners
Women 35-39 Age Group Place: 3rd out of 224
Overall Women Place: 55th female (elite runners included) out of 1663 females

When I got home later and checked the results I was very shocked to see that I came 3rd in my age group.  And I just realized that the  top three in each age group will receive gift certificates for Adidas footwear and apparel good at Marathon Sports!

Dustin & I LOVE brunch.  So, after I showered we went to celebrate with a very yummi brunch at Spirit in Cambridge.  I had a very delicious French Toast together with a very refreshing mimosa.

So Yummi

A pretty successful 10k I would say with a lesson learned.  Even if some days you feel like you don’t want to be out there, or that you are in a bad shape to run, you should just go for it and most importantly have fun.  You might even surprise yourself with a memorable run!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week!


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