Things I Love Thursday

I am blessed with many generous people in my life that are fully open in giving me love, kindness, care and concern, without expecting anything in return. You know who you are…thank you!

Another powerful piece from my coaching book:

“A natural extension of gratitude is generosity. Grateful people notice the contribution of others to their success. They see when others are behaving at their best and, when others make mistakes, they look behind the mistake to the other person‟s intent. They give others “the benefit of the doubt”. They so clearly see the “gifts” that others give them that they automatically want to give something back.

Generous people live the concept of “win-win”. They believe that as they give to others, they will receive good things back. The beautiful thing is that they do receive good things back, partly because others feel inspired to be generous back, but also because they notice the things they are being given. Even if they don‟t receive good things back from the particular person that they gave to, they see so much around them to be grateful for, that the individual giver doesn‟t matter. In fact, many people get to the point where they are grateful for being able to be generous in the first place. As the old saying goes, virtue really does become its own reward!”

We tend to think of generous people as those who donate money or give expensive “things”. Generosity is much more than that. Many generous people do tend to give gifts because they remember significant events in the lives of others, but they are just as likely to give the gift of their time, their attention, a shoulder to cry on or a few words of love. Generous people share their ideas and their emotions because they believe that abundance creates abundance.”

Stop for a moment and imagine creating each day where you are committed to giving to each person you meet. It may be the gift of a flower, a compliment, an acknowledgement, a caring thought. It isn‟t about the commercial giving of gifts or physical things. In giving you create a dynamic exchange in that you also open yourself up to receive. Giving creates confidence in giving. The more you receive the more you will give.

My Ten Things I love Thursday for:

People I am grateful for….

  1. Christina from Sisters Running the Kitchen for writing about gratitude.
  2. Amanda, Amanda and Amanda and you know why=) Let me just mention the 18 miles run…amazing and the kind words you shared with “others” about me.
  3.  Marisa and Peter of the Boston Ballroom Dance Center .  For reuniting with them at the Health & Fitness Expo in Boston and leading me (and lots of other people at the expo) dancing salsa with my loved one.
  4. My body. For delivering a great 10K race making me place 3rd in my age group.
  5. Dustin for the support, (as always)the love, the laugh, the cooking, the awesome hugs and for taking care of me this week when I was not feeling good.
  6. My Italian and American family.  For always being there emotionally for me, for supporting me and mostly for believing in me.  For spending quality time with them either in person or through Skype/cellphone.
  7. Luna.  Sleeping outside the crate and waking us with kisses in the morning(instead of wining).  Running 3 mile at an average pace of 8 minute/mile.  Cuddling and making us laugh.
  8. My colleague for being supportive of my decisions and for laughing at work.
  9. Lauren to keep me posted on FB with wonderful photos of their vacation in Sardegna.
  10. UPS to deliver my books I was waiting for.
Who are you grateful for today?


“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom, and peace of mind – are always attained by giving them to someone else.” ~Peyton Conway March

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