Race Report: SRR’s 20th Annual Summer Steamer

Yesterday, I run the 20th Annual Summer Steamer, an original 4.13-mile road race, organized by my running club the Somerville Road Runners.  This was the first time that my hubby wasn’t able to come to my race=(  He plays in a softball league and every Sunday morning they have two games back to back.  He already skipped to play few weeks ago so he could come to my B.A.A 10K race and I really didn’t want him to give up again something he likes to do.  So here we were going in two different directions.  It was definitely different not having him there to support me, in fact it felt kind of weird to leave home with only 5 dollars in my pocket, enough to buy the train ticket to get me to the start of the race.  The good news was that Gina was racing too!

The race started off the Casey’ Pub in Somerville, which is about 3 miles from where we live so I picked up the Red line in Davis Square to Downtown Crossing, where I had to change to the Orange Line that took me to Sullivan Square train station where I met Gina.  We walked to the location meeting point that was about .7 miles away.  At the pub we met few people from the Tuesday track meet included Gina’s friend Victor who wasn’t running this particular race though.  He is been with the SRR for a really long time so he was filling us in about who was fast and the race course etc.  He knew exactly every turn on the race, it was kind of amazing, that definitely helped me during the race to anticipate the next turn.

20th Annual Summer Steamer Course

I was a little apprehensive that the race started at 10 AM since it was only 9:00 o’clock when we got there and I was already burning up but I guess that’s why it’s called Summer Steamer ha ha.  Anyway, this was definitely not a race I was hoping it would be as I had planned on running at an average pace of 7:00 minute/mile or less but I averaged 7:07 but that’s okay because there were still some good things that come out of it…See I am a happy girl Bob;)

We warmed up for less than a mile and we lined up closer to the front to make sure we were crossing the line right when the horn blew.  The race started by going uphill for one mile and over Winter Hill, Victor warned me not to start too fast but I did it anyway haha I couldn’t help it; being in the front row excited me.  Overall the course wasn’t that fast since there were a lot of turns and it was pretty much rolling hills.  Throughout the race I felt I couldn’t find the speed I wanted to run at and the fact that the sun was out and bright didn’t help, many times I felt like my head was burning…Dustin blamed it  on the dark hair lol.  When I was about to cross the finish line I missed not seeing my honey but I heard someone yelling my name anyway;  it was Victor, that also yelled 7:07 pace great job!

So, how did I do? Well, I came 2nd in my age group (30-39), and finished 7th overall women with a time of 29:11.  So  even though it was not the best race and I didn’t felt my best, the outcome made me a happy girl!

I didn’t stick around to get my reward as I didn’t know the results yet plus we had planned for the afternoon to go to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see the Chihuly hand blown glass exhibition, which by the way was amazing!   So, with commemorative event T-shirt in hand and still the bib number on my tank top I run home.  I got few weird looks from people that I was passing by, they were probably wondering where everybody else was ha ha.  I had a lot of fun with that=)  Anyway, believe it or not running home took me less than half the time that it took me to get there by train earlier that morning.

Since I don’t have any photo of the race, enjoy few photos of the Chihuly blow glass sculpture I took at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Chihuly Noah's Ark

Chihuly Ceiling

chihuly fire

Chihuly Fire

Chihuly Garden

This weekend I also had a plan for Amanda and all the people that are supporting her through her first marathon preparation, to watch the inspiring movie “Spirit of the Marathon”.   This is an an amazing, touching documentary that follows the emotional journey of elite athletes and marathon newbies as they prepare for the Chicago marathon.  I really think that if you are training for a Marathon, have done a Marathon, thinking about doing a marathon, or if you are a supporter of someone that is training for a Marathon you should watch this movie…make sure you have a box of Kleenex ready.  From training, to injury, and recovery, anyone who has ever run feels an intimate connection with the individuals in the film as they each share their personal stories.  You find yourself cheering on their accomplishments and feeling the pain of each set-back.  Check out this clip from the movie.


Few of my favorite quotes from the Spirit of the Marathon movie:

“Sometimes the moments that challenge us, define us the most.”

“When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever”

“Physical challenge and mental challenge – fighting through walls. Marathon teaches you to keep going”

“Setting a goal, being courageous and accomplishing it”


2 thoughts on “Race Report: SRR’s 20th Annual Summer Steamer

  1. So awesome Nat! Love your updates 🙂 You are always so upbeat and full of life!! It’s contagious. Hope you are well xo

  2. Amy!!!! Last weekend we finally went with Luna to the Fresh Pond Res…how awesome is that! We definitely need to meet sometimes SOON there with the pups! This w/end we will be out of town but we’ll be around the following one, text me if you’ll be in the area=) xoxo

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