Things I Love Thursday

“Therefore you must know that you are already inherently affluent, no matter how much or how little money you have, because the source of wealth is the field of pure potentiality – it is the consciousness that knows how to fulfil every need, including joy, love, laughter, peace, harmony and knowledge. “ Deepak Chopra (1994)

From my coaching manual:

Fear vs. generosity

Some people fear being generous because they think it will make them vulnerable.  Often they count the things they have done for others and simply don‟t see what comes back their way.  Or if nothing comes back their way, they feel like they have been taken advantage of.  They begin to harden their hearts to other people and focus on what they are not receiving rather than what they are.  Their lack of generosity with others is uninspiring and repels people. Their lives can become a self-fulfilling prophecy: they receive nothing back, and then think that this proves they were right not to be generous in the first place.

Giving unconditionally is the same as loving unconditionally.  If you give to receive then you give conditionally and this is not increasing energy in you but rather taking energy from you.  You may have observed people in your life who believe they give all the time but are resentful that they never get anything back in life.  This person does not value generosity, this person may value desire.  Desire has to do with accumulation and greed.  Do not be confused by this.

From my personal experience I can certainly say that when I am more generous with other people, I feel incredibly good, fabulous in fact!  When I interact with others, I try to notice the things I could do to make their lives easier or happier.  I like to think of ways I can be helpful to the people I know, like a friend or family member.  And when I am running or walking and I encounter to strangers, I always make sure to smile and/or say hello.  My husband Dustin whenever he can he let people go on to the  highway in front of  him.

My Ten Things I love Thursday for:

Things I am grateful for….

  1. Unexpected call from my dear friend Anna, who is from Italy and lives in Italy.  I met Anna in the US 8 years ago, and we’ve been friends since then.  We spent a lot of time together here in Boston doing things we both love.  We went to many musicals here in Boston and in Broadway, we  traveled on those scary chinese busses that take you to Manhattan, we ate ice cream and watched movies, we went to San Francisco together, we had a road trip to Washington DC and many more!  She definitely made my life happier for that time being until each one of us follow its own path.  Now she lives in Italy, she is married with “Il Coccolino” (a nick name I gave her husband Federico) and she has a beautiful baby girl name Matilde.  Our friendship is one of a kind though, even though we have an ocean in between and we don’t talk on the phone very often, every time we talk it is like we are picking up conversation from yesterday.
  2. Another great unexpected call from my sister Samanta, my brother Giuseppe and Michele.  Together with their spouses and kids, they all went “Al Mare” which literally means Sea but in reality American would say a beach vacation.  It was so great to talk to all of them together, I miss them all so much and that was a gift from the Universe.
  3.  Finding my first peer client and having a great first session.
  4. Our Luna officially becoming a big girl…hmmm maybe not quite yet.  On Friday night, we went out to eat and for the first time EVER we left her home out of her crate.  Well, let me tell you how proud we were of her when we got home and the house was like we left it, no surprised chewed furniture.  I couldn’t stop hugging her and with tears in my eyes saying:” Our baby is growing.” Ha ha I know I am a cry baby =)
  5. Laura for passing her very very hard test and getting her PTA license!
  6. Watching two very inspirational and motivational movies, “Prefontaine” and “The Spirit of the Marathon
  7. Amanda for making me so proud and killing that 21 miler!!
  8. Great Sunday racing, using running as a transportation system, watching the incredible art of Chihuly , great food, great dessert, and just being with the people that I love.
  9. Winning the raffle for a free entry into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence 1/2 Marathon at the Somerville Road Runner Track Meet.
  10. Last but not least, everyday I am grateful for being so lucky to be married the most amazing man I have ever met in my entire life.

Bellissima Matilde; Anna's baby girl

“Some measure their lives by days and years,
Others by heart throbs, passion and tears;
But the surest measure under the sun,
Is what in your lifetime for others you have done.”
— Ruth Smeltzer

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