Race Report: Marshall Point 5K Lighthouse Loop

Last weekend we went to Tenants Harbor, Maine to visit Dustin’s dad Tom and his wife Laura.  Saint George day with all kind of activities was happening and one of the event was the Marshall Point Lighthouse 5 k race.  Dustin grew up in this beautiful town that lies on a peninsula at the heart of Mid-Coast Maine, therefore he really wanted me to do this race.  I have to say that I was actually hoping too to check out this course and to do a 5k race since it has been too long since last time I did one.  So, there we were at the starting line by the gorgeous Drift Inn Beach in Port Clyde.

Before the race...check out the gorgeous view behind me!

The course was a mix of challenges with many hills but the fantastic views of the coast of Maine made the effort very enjoyable!  I started off the race pretty fast and I was leading the race for the first mile and a half  until a barefoot guy passed me.

And the gun went off

The sun was already out and it was very warm and I started to slow down a little but I was still not too behind the leading man.  At this point my Garmin died on me!  I know silly of me ah!  Well on Friday, before leaving to Maine, I had planned to charge it but I got caught up on doing a million of other things and I totally forgot about my precious tool.  So, there I was with a dead Garmin having no idea at what pace I was going.  I know in short races like this it shouldn’t really matter but I still have to get the feel of a 5 k race.  I haven’t done many of them to really understand at what pace I should run.  Anyway, the course wound its way towards the lighthouse, and at that point a very fast and effortless woman passed me.  I went on on my way down through the village of Port Clyde, and the sun at that point was nice and bright shining on my face.  I kept on going on those hilly roads until I ended back at the Drift Inn Beach where I started.  And there at the finish line I saw Tom, Laura, Luna & Dustin cheering me on!

Almost done

Crossing the finish line

And done....you can stop now!!

So, how did I do? Well, I came 3rd overall after a woman that finished first overall and after the barefoot runner who came 2nd.  The woman that won obviously was in my age group and I ended up  2nd in my age group.  The good news is that I have now a new 5k PR!

Official Results
Time: 21:22
Overall place: 3rd
Division place: 2nd
Average Pace: 6:53

Some people just dive into the ocean after the race... I just had water!

5ks happen really fast, there is no time to mess up in them.  Maybe I could have pushed it a little bit more…well the only way to know it is to test myself again with another race=D

Happy racing!


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