Running with Irene

Before getting cozy on the couch with my hubby, puppy, popcorn and a hot chocolate I had to get some energy out of my body with a nice run with Irene.  I love to run in the rain and it was great to have the road all for me as no many people were around either driving or walking.  I thought it was a perfect day to attempt my  runnography sesh=)  Here is my route from our apartment in Cambridge to an empty Harvard Square and back!

4 Miles from Yerxa RD to Harvard Square

Nice workout too!

Here is what I encounter during my run…

A man getting is walk in for the day

A Pretty empty Harvard Square

A couple coming out of a coffee shop=)

A homeless man enjoy reading his book

A branch Falling in front of me... I dodged it=)


It was really a lot of fun and when I got home Piper, one of Luna’s friend, was outside so I grabbed Luna and let her have some fun running around.

Piper and Luna wrestling

Now I am ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon watching movies. Enjoy!


One thought on “Running with Irene

  1. you’re crazy lady!!! i was hoping i wouldn’t have a blog post like this in my inbox….glad you were safe in the end!

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