4 Years of Love

September 8th, 2011….Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary!  It was the best day of my life when I married Dustin… my rock, my best friend, my soulmate.

Four Years Ago Today…

As the Italian wedding traditional wants, outside the entrance of the church in my hometown in Italy, the wedding guests with a nervous Dustin holding my bouquet, were waiting for the bride (ME) to arrive!

Who' s nervous!

Meanwhile, back at my parents house I was ready to cut the ribbon as a sign of blessing  from the parents to leave the home where the bride grew up and get out in the world and make your own family. Another Italian tradition from where I grew up.

Where is my scissors?

After my brother Giuseppe, who was my driver, drove around town for 5-10 minutes past the time I was supposed to meet my groom outside the church – another tradition where my brother was having fun with it and wanted to make Dustin sweat a little bit more than he was already making him wait a little longer –  I finally arrived!

Arriva la sposa

Dustin, after dealing with the car being locked (another present from my funny brother), pulled me out of the car and hold me tight!

La Piazza

Il Bacio in Piazza

Laura, Dustin’s mom, walked Dustin down the aisle.

La mamma e il figlio

Then it was my turn to enter the church and walk down the aisle accompanied by my daddy.

Il mio Papa'

It was a long walk!

La bella Chiesa di Arco

My nephew Patrick brought us the rings

Mio nipote

We exchange vows and the rings…hmmmm it looks like someone was bawling quite a lot he he

Le fedi

Lo scambio delle fedi

And we were declare husband and wife! And we have four  testimonies that witnessed to that!

I testimoni: My brother Giuseppe, Dustin's brother Gregg, my brother Michele & my sister Samanta

Meanwhile outside friends and family were making this beautiful heart made out of rice.

Il cuore di Riso

Walking down the aisle together getting ready for…


… it’s raining rice hallelujah

Pioggia di Riso

Family & Friends that celebrated with us our special day

Foto di Gruppo

We went for a nice stroll in the park….

Una passeggiata nel Parco

…and in the streets of the Old  town of Arco.

Passeggiata nella vecchia Arco

A lady saw us and told us to wait…she came out of the window and threw us some rice for good luck.

La Signora alla Finestra

We kind of got tired of taking pictures and decided to hide…he he We just wanted to be goofy=)


A beautiful kiss


And the photograph session was over


I am the luckiest woman on earth as I married the love of my life.  He makes me laugh like no one else can, he picks me up when I am down, he supports every single one of my dreams, he spoils me, he challenges me, he is everything I could have ever asked for in a husband and some!

Thank you amore mio for an amazing four years, for being such a wonderful husband and for always believing in me, especially on those days when I didnt’t want to believe in myself.  I look forward to every single day with you and cannot wait to see what the next year holds for us.


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