The Lululemon Avengers at the 3rd Annual Superhero 5K

Happy Halloween!!

Yesterday, me, Fabiana and Marisa run the 3rd annual Superhero 5K in Cambridge dressed us as the Lululemon Avengers!

I run this race last year too with Dustin, our friend Amanda and her boyfriend David.  We dressed up as the Ninja Turtle and we had so much fun that we decided to make this race an annual ritual.  Except, that Amanda few weeks ago got hit from behind in a car accident causing her whiplash.

The Not So Ninja Turtle

So, I decided to extend the invitation to the Lululemon Team at the Natick store as Dustin had the brilliant idea that we should be going as the Lululemon Avengers!  Pretty cool idea right?!  We wore black lululemon running tights, each one of us had a different color swiftly tech long sleeve shirt on with a superhero badge pinned on it that I made for all of us =) And to complete our costume in style we wore superman underoos!

Did I mention it was 19 degrees in Boston this morning and we got  SNOW the night before?  Yes, you read correctly. We got 3-5 inches of snow around here and it was below freezing. On October 30th!  Seriously too early for snow and cold temperatures for my taste!  But we did it anyway, Dustin and I picked up Fabiana and drove to Central Square in Cambridge which is between Harvard and MIT…pretty perfect place to have a superhero/geekie run ah! Marisa met us there and after we picked up our number we stayed in the warm car and waited for 2 minutes before 10am, when the race started, and headed to the starting line where all the superheros were squeezing together to stay warm.

The race was a ton of fun and about 500 brave people showed up and completed the Superhero 5K race.  There were lots of really great costumes out there!  We  stayed together throughout  the whole race as we weren’t really going for time but just for fun!

Oh and Dustin of course came up with the awesomest things ever! Chip Wilson is the founder of Lululemon so we were the Chip’s Angels! Haha

Have a great Halloween! I will be spending my evening working at Lululemon and of course I will be wearing my lululemon Avengers outfit!

Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 22 Recap

What a great week filled with fun, costumes, kids, and friends old and new!  Today was more special as I started my morning with a 6 mile run, went to an hour yoga class and spent the whole afternoon talking deliberately to an old friend about life, yoga, food, families, relationships, feelings, laughing and crying and 4 hours and half later we look at the time and couldn’t believe our eyes! We were having such a great time conversing with each other that we not only got lost in each other but we also lost track of time!  All of a sudden I remembered.  I parked my car in a 2-hours meter (in a pretty busy street in Boston), therefore the meter has been expired for 2 hours and a half!  She walked quickly with me to the car, as she wanted to make sure my car wasn’t towed or anything, and we both started to giggle and wowing while we were getting closer to the car and saw no tickets on it!  I yelled:” Wow God love us!!” This was the second time I got lucked out with an expired meter and the first time I also was with her.  It looks like everything is working in our favor!  After that I picked up Luca, the youngest of the three children I was nanny for the longest time, and now Dustin and Luca are watching X-man…what a better time or me to do the recap of Week 22 of my Project 365…

Photo 147/ 365 ~ Saturday, October 22, 2011

I started my day with the nicest run in a long time. I found this beautiful scenic road off 135 called Pond Rd and I decided to just follow it.  It was just amazing and so relaxing almost meditative! After that Dustin & I went to get apples and pumpkins!! And finally, Dustin brought me to pick up my birthday present from him… a brand new Nikon D5100!! I am so excited for my new toy! After that we picked up Valentina, the second of the three children I was nanny for, so Dustin and I could take her to her race the day after.  We went to eat out and watched a movie. Valentina was a little nervous for her race and I guess Luna sensed it as she didn’t even budge when it was time to go to bed and followed Valentina in her room. Such a sweetie!


Photo 148/ 365 ~ Sunday, October 23, 2011

We woke up early and Dustin made pancakes for breakfast!  Our athlete ate some and got ready to head out to the Franklin Park Zoo to race in the BAA Mayor Cup!  After watching proudly my girl I went to work and after we closed it was time for our staff meeting.  It was really great to get the idea flowing for the holiday season coming up. When I got home Dustin was gone to another work trip=(  But the house was filled with little love notes and he had the coffee ready for me for the morning=) So, I talked to Dustin on the phone while Luna and I were cuddling in bed wishing for him to be with us.


Photo 149/ 365 ~ Monday, October 24, 2011

We have to think of what to do with all those apples…mmmmm apple pie!


Photo 150/ 365 ~ Tueday, October 25, 2011

Lately Luna is obsessed with one of her oldest toys, the piglet.  She doesn’t go anywhere without it and she cuddles with it, it’s like the security blanket! Awwww


Photo 151/ 365 ~ Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here’s Luna again with her piglet in his mouth, this time all of a sudden she was pushing her bed around digging trying to make it a comfortable spot ( not sure I can call this comfy) and fall asleep right there! Hilarious!

Photo 152/ 365 ~ Thursday, October 27, 2011

It poured all day and believe it or not it also snowed!  In the evening, Fabiana and her brother pick me, Dianna and Sam up and we all went as a team to the CrossFit Ripper event that Lululemon organized. It was a blast!


Photo 153/ 365 ~ Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is Luna greeting Luca! She was so excited to see him again, it’s unbelievable the way she remembers people!


I have few extra photos that deserved some attention. First, look at that pumpkin, it’s almost bigger than I am!


Second, Dustin carrying both our pumpkin…can’t wait to carve them!


Third, I couldn’t resist to put a dress up photos of me and my favorite lulu ladies, Fabiana and Dianna!


Happy Halloween everyone, put a costume on and run!!

Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 21 Recap

Happy Friday!!

Here I am again writing my Foto Friday post of the week, but this time my hubby is standing right next to me moaning with pleasure while rolling the Foot Rubz under his foot and going on and on about how great this tool is.  I had to take a photo of it!

I just got back from work, Dustin and Luna just came back from the infamous friday at the dog park and he is telling me about his day while I am writing my post and get ready for a nice cuddly movie night =) Apparently, I am now the famous runner in Natick ha ha Dustin was telling me the story of how I got  the title of the famous Narick runner and I guess it started out with Jim (at the dog park tonight) saying that he saw me with the hot pink hat running.  All of a sudden, another lady blasted out: ” I saw her too!”  And another guy, that overheard them talking, followed saying: ” Me too, in another part of the town though!” Too funny!  The way my hubs said the story was definitely funnier, trust me!  He is a pretty funny guy!   Bando alle ciancie…I know not an easy italian idiom to pronounce which by the way means ” Cut the chatter”.  Let’s get to my weekly recap for Week 21of my Project 365.

Photo 140/ 365 ~ Saturday, October 15, 2011

Had a fun day that started off with me and Fabiana doing the CATZ 5k race, where I got a PR and I came 2nd women overall and 1st in my age group.  Of course, Dustin came too but this time we took Luna too!! After that we went to Zaftig and I had my usual Challah French Toast and Dustin another different thing form the menu…Oh did I mentioned that I challenged Dustin to try every single thing that Zaftig has on the menu and we’ve been checking off whatever he had eaten.  Anyway, after that we were off to IKEA!! It was fun but exhausting but we found what we needed for our new home!

Photo 141/ 365 ~ Sunday, October 16, 2011

We all woke up pretty early and went for a nice walk on an early and brisky morning.

I then went to work and when I came home Dustin again made miracles!  He had put together all the new furniture we bought at Ikea including my great new desk!

Photo 142/ 365 ~ Monday, October 17, 2011

I am so proud of my love who got another promotion, it wasn’t too long ago that we were celebrating Dustin being promoted  and here we were again cheering on my wonderful and smart hubby brain and capabilities=))

Photo 143/ 365 ~ Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dustin surprise me with this new and pretty cool humidifier…or as Dustin call it in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: “The Humidificator”

Photo 144/ 365 ~ Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So, you know we returned our very expensive Bloomingdales sheets and Duvet cover, well on Sunday we found very nice pink sheets and a fun and circle life duvet for just the right price, but we’ve never had the time to put them on our bed and to bath Luna.  On Wednesday I worked the closing shift and guess what did I find when I got home at 10pm? Yes, you guessed a nice clean and good smelly pup and a nice new bed!! I think Dustin was involved in all this!  Thanks again honey for being always so thoughtful!

Photo 145/ 365 ~ Thursday, October 20, 2011

On my day off, I met up with Theo and Chris and went to an incredible and regenerating yoga class at the HYP Studio in Needham tought by our amazing Ambassador Jacqui Bonwell.  If you’ve never took a class with Jacqui before you have no idea what are you missing! Jacqui is not only an outstanding yoga teacher but she is also a very compassionate life practitioner.  During her class she takes you on a self discovery and self love journey! After that I met with Fabiana and got our Halloween costumes for the Cross Fir Ripper event and went to Target to get some Halloween candy=)

Photo 146/ 365 ~ Friday, October 21, 2011

Last night I got a letter from CATZ saying that I finished 1st in my age group at the CATZ 5k, therefore I won a gift card towards CATZ Training Session=))

Have a great night, a super week end and happy running!

Race Report: CATZ 5K

Yesterday, my friend/co-worker Fabiana and I ran our first race together and the first CATZ Needham 5K Road Race !  Lululemon Athletica sponsor this great race that was combined with the CATZ Wellness Fair afterwards, with the goal to promote a healthy lifestyle. All the registration’s money  went to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital’s in Needham, MA funds dispersal to annual campaign.  A pretty good cause right!

Fabiana & I wth the CATZ Director

The race was at 9 AM and Dustin, Luna and I picked up Fabiana around 7:45 AM and by 8:10 AM we had already picked up our number and gift bag and we were ready to go!  It was a gorgeous sunny morning but pretty windy and crispy with temperatures on the mid-5os brrr. We hang around a little and jumper around just to stay warm.

Warming up...check out the leaves colors


We warmed up a bit and before you knew it, it was time to start the race!  We all lined up , the horn went off and off we were.  The race started  on a nice steep hill and finish in the same hill but overall the course was pretty flat.  I felt amazingly good and I was super happy to see  that I bit my own 5k time when I crossed the finish line!

Starting line

.5 miles into the race

Just blew a kiss to my honey

About to cross the finish line


Fabiana did very good too.  This was her second 5k and race overall and she improved by 4 minutes from her first one, and also got a new 5k PR!

Here is Fabiana about to cross that finish line

As always the best fan was Dustin, that with his camera in his hand and Luna cheered on us. Someone from the CATZ, the competitive Athlete Training Zone,  approached him thinking he was from a newspaper… he definitely looked like a reporter ha ha

Dustin & Luna

How did I do?  I came 2nd women overall and  I got a new 5k PR!  I was a very happy girl!

Official Results

Time: 20:49
Women Overall place: 2nd
Overall place: 7th
Average Pace: 6:42

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started.  It comes down to selfsatisfaction and a sense of achievement.” ~ Prefontaine

My 100th Post

Believe it or not this is my 100th post!  I saw this fun format from Runners Rambles post and I decided to copy it=) My 100th post will be all about me=) Not just runner me, but real me! Let’s get to it…

10 Things About My Past

  1. I was born October 8, 1973 and yes I am a Libra!
  2. I spent the first 27 years of my life in Arco, Italy.
  3. In Italy I was part of an Aerobic Team.  We were regional champion, which led us to be nationally ranked and we went on a road trip to Rome to participate to  the Grand Prix Giubileo 2000 National Championships in Sport Aerobics.
  4. In Italy I was hairdresser for 10 years until I came to the US.
  5. Since when I was young I had a strong passion for the United States and dreamed about living there.
  6. 11 Years ago I left my job, my family and friends and came to Boston as an Au-pair with the intention to stay for a year… well  I am still here.
  7. In 2007 I graduated as a Graphic Designer at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.
  8. On September 8, 2007 I  married Dustin in my home town in Italy and 10 incredible human being traveled all the way from the US to be present in one of the best day of our lives. On July 21, 2009 we had a second wedding in Maine and all my family came to the US!
  9. Every single person in my  blood family lives in Italy, 5000 miles away from me.
  10. I met Dustin on November 14, 2004 at a Leukemia Fundraising event in Boston that Gregg’s (Dustin’s brother) organized to raise money for Team in Training with whom he was running the Boston Marathon with…Serendipty! (My favorite word)

10 Things about My Personality

  1. I am stubborn
  2. I am passionate and intense…Italian style;-)
  3. I LOVE deeply, still Italian style
  4. I love helping people.
  5. I am indecisive, or am I?
  6. I am slightly perfectionist.
  7. I am determined.  When I want something I usually get it.  It doesn’t help the fact that my hubby’s favorite quote is:” What my baby wants, my baby gets!” ( from the movie The Break-Up)
  8. I love anything that has to do with creating art and I love photography!
  9. I am gullible
  10. I have a lot of energy

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I dyed my hair blond when I was 20 years old and I was a blond for 17 years until few months ago that I decided to go back to  my natural brunette color.
  2. I have a nose and a belly button piercing.
  3. I love to dress up for the occasion.
  4. My blood type is O Negative. I am a universal donor. Anyone can use my blood but I can’t use any other blood type except for my own.
  5. My absolutely favorite show of all time is Friends, that I started to watch it dubbed in Italy ha ha
  6. I didn’t drink or tried alcohol until my 31st Birthday.
  7. I’ve never smoked even though I grew up in Italy where everyone smokes, all my family members included=(
  8. I am strangely weird.
  9. Dustin & I moved in 4 different apartments and town in our 7 years together!!
  10. I’ve never broken a limb or been in hospital beside visiting.  I hardly get sick.

10 Dreams/Goals

  1. Run a Marathon in every Continent.
  2. Build our own house.
  3. Be a sponsored athlete.
  4. Have a baby/babies.
  5. Finally have a honey moon.
  6. Own a home in my hometown in Italy where we would live few months of the year.
  7. Travel the World.
  8. Be a good photographer.
  9. Always learn something new.
  10. Always try  to be the best I can be, living the best happy and healthy life possible.

10 Things I Love

  1. Shoes & Shopping
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Running, the Outdoors and anything that has to do with fitness
  4. Dustin’s sense of humor
  5. Cuddling and hugging
  6. Halloween and Christmas
  7. Adventures and spontaneity
  8. My Mac
  9. Romantic Comedies
  10. My Nikon & My Garmin

10 Things I Love to Do

  1. Shop with Dustin
  2. Going out to eat
  3. Run, Spinning, Yoga
  4. Going to a Broadway show, I love musicals
  5. Going to the movie theatre
  6. Plan parties
  7. Explore new places, travel
  8. Spend time with family
  9. Make gnocchi with Dustin
  10. Dress up

10 Things I Hate

  1. Taking medicine, I rarely do
  2. Spiders
  3. The news, and having to listen to all the negative stuff.
  4. Fighting
  5. Being late
  6. Scary movies
  7. Cold weather or being cold
  8. Public speaking
  9. Being away from Dustin
  10. Racism

10 Places I have been

  1. New York City
  2. Hollywood
  3. San Francisco + Napa Valley
  4. Grand Canarie
  5. Poland
  6. Innsbruck, Austria
  7. Washington DC
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan, Florence, Calabria, Bologna~Italy
  10. Dallas, Texas

10 Things I am Proud of/Thankful for

  1. To have found the love of my life, soulmate and best friend
  2. I have an incredible adopted and blood family
  3. Qualify for the Boston Marathon on my first Marathon and after only 7 Months of running
  4. I have a job I love
  5. I have loving and caring friends
  6. My healthy lifestyle
  7. Luna unconditional love
  8. To have successfully trained my first group of runners
  9. Creative juices
  10. Continuing to learn and challenge myself when stuff interests me.

10 Pictures displaying something from the above things about me.

Before dying my hair

The change =D

In 2000 at the National Championships in Sport Aerobics.

Dustin & my tickets of the night we met

The youngest of the kids I was a nanny for 11 years. Luca (in the photo) will be 9 years old next month!

That’s exactly how we both feel about dressing up!

Luna 1st day in her new home

My younger brother Michele, me, my oldest brother Giuseppe and younger sister Samanta


My first Marathon October 3, 2010

In San Francisco totally being ourselves=)

Back to brunette!

All right, this post took a looooong time and started feeling very self-indulgent.  Time to go for a run before work!

Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 20 Recap

It’s Friday already!  It’s been a very intense week filled with running, gratitude, friendship and love!  Let’s get to my weekly recap for Week 20 of my Project 365.  This week I am going to break the rules and post more than one photo per day…after all it was my birthday and I have a wish to fulfill=) 

Photo 133/ 365 ~ Saturday, October 8, 2011

It was my birthday and since I had a half marathon the day before we had a very low key day.  It was an unbelievable gorgeous day, sunny and warm and Dustin, Luna and I went for a nice walk around and explore our new neighbor.  While walking around this gorgeous pond my family in Italy called me and I talked to all of them since they were out  having dinner all together.  In the evening we went out to eat with Amanda, who run the half marathon also, and family and carbo-load.

Photo 134/ 365 ~ Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amanda, Gina and I run the BAA Half Marathon and Dustin AGAIN won the prize for “Best Support Fan” EVER! In the evening we celebrated my birthday and I finally had cake!  Check out this beautiful cake Amanda made for me! Thanks Amanda…I’ve been wrapping myself in the hand made blanket you made every day!  As a matter of fact I am wrapped up now and it’s so warm and cozy=))

Photo 135/ 365 ~ Monday, October 10, 2011

Finally the big day for the girls that I coached for the last 9 weeks arrived!  They all did an amazing job running the Tufts 10k in a super HOT day! And of course the Oscar AGAIN goes to my wonderful husband Dustin that not only supported me throughout this fabulous journey but all the ladies, that now absolutely love him, on my Team in Training Team!

Photo 136/ 365 ~ Tuesday, October 11, 2011

During my Birthday party Amanda gave me a princess crown that I found laying around in the house and of course couldn’t resist and have Luna try it out…PRICELESS!!

Photo 137/ 365 ~ Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another gorgeous gift from Amanda, I know she went overboard, a huge bouquet of Sunflowers…my favorite!

Also, look whos’ sneakers are next to mine?? Yes, they’re Dustin’s! He’s been getting up before me when it’s still dark out, take Luna for her walk and then off (rain or not) to run!  Is he training for something?  Hmm maybe=)

Photo 138/ 365 ~ Thursday, October 13, 2011

What do you do on a day off when it’s rainy out?  I unpacked!!  I was really feeling it and it definitely feels good that I went through all the boxes.  Now we need a couple of new furniture to get everything organized!  First of all, while unpacking I found Miss Lola and The Grinch cuddling on our bed=)

Second, I found this absolutely gorgeous and meaningful gift that Amanda gave me, that Amanda’s dad made, after she came back from running the San Francisco Marathon.  Pretty amazing right!! It’s now on my inspirational windowsill wall together with more inspirational things…but that is another photo=)

Finally, I had to take a photo of my millions markers and pens…what can I say I love them!!  Those of you who know me knows it’s my weakness together with notebooks!

Photo 139/ 365 ~ Friday, October 14, 2011

On another rainy day I found some sunshine in my home…and it’s not Luna!  Another gift from Amanda, a dozen of smiley faces balloons, that I want to send to Amanda with hugs and kisses as a big wish to get well!  We love you Auntie Mandy!
Happy Friday and have a great week end!

Team In Training’s Team running theTufts 10K for Women

Nine weeks ago I embarked on a journey of coaching for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training which culminated yesterday in Boston when all of my runners crossed the finish line of the Tufts 10K for Women.  It has been such an honor and pleasure for me to work with a group of amazing ladies and words cannot express how proud I was of each and every one of  them when they crossed that finish line.

The Tufts 10k is always on Columbus Day, and this year too it was on Monday October 10th at noon.  However, I thought that it would have been very helpful for the girls to meet before hand and have a nice breakfast together just to get even more that team feeling that would definitely help release some tension.  So, Dustin and I drove to the city pretty early and I have to say that the girls really enjoyed having Dustin around, they thought he was the cutes and funny hubby ever and so supportive…they really couldn’t get over the fact that he was there with me to support me and them as well.

After breakfast walking to the Common

Each one of the girls in the team is very special and incredible human being so it was really easy for Dustin to connect with all of them.  I know I have a pretty special hubby!  After breakfast we all walked together to the Boston Common where the Team in Training table was set up together with the rest of the expo. It was a really hot day and there was no cloud in the sky but everyone was just enjoying themselves and having fun!

Boston Team in Training

TNT group

After that the whole team headed for the start, which was madness! Over 7,000 women ran this race!  As a coach for TNT I was allowed on the race course.  Beth, who was the Natick team coach and myself (the Boston Team coach) did not sign up for the event because we did not participated for time, but rather for supporting our TNT teams.

Making our way to the starting line

I was were wearing my TNT singlet and started off in front with the fast ladies, while Beth was on the back of the group with the last walker.  The plan was for us coaches to be on the course the whole time until our last participant would finish.

About 7,000 Women!!

I ended up running more than 6 miles, about 8 in fact .  After mile four  I let my fast ladies go on their own,  turned around and went back and forth along the course supporting all the rest of the group.

My fastest girls Aimee and Leah!

Natalie who is running the San Francisco Nike Marathon next Sunday=)

Sweet Amy





Me going back and forth on the course like a mad woman=)

I did that until mile 6 where I actually stopped and waited for Beth and Team in Training very last walker.  I joined them and crossed the finish line together!  That was it! They all did it and I couldn’t be more proud!

Last TNT walker

I rushed to go meet everyone else and congratulate with them for this great accomplishment!

All done!!

After that some of the girls, Dustin & I went to Joe and the ladies offered Dustin few nice cold beers for being so incredible awesome and for taking lots of photos of this incredible event.  They really LOVED him…but who doesn’t=) He is pretty special! Thanks so much honey for all the support you gave me and everyone around you your precious support! Sei unico amore mio!

Macho man

Some of the girls really always wanted to do a Half Marathon but never thought they could do it, well after our 6 miles run I suggested that they should keep training and absolutely be ready to run a half marathon by mid November.  To my delight they committed and they will be running the Chily Half Marathon in Newton on November 13th!

Thanks so much Team in Training for reaching out  to me and ask me to be the coach of this wonderful team of special ladies!