Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 19 Recap

It’s been a week since we left our old home in Cambridge and since we moved into our new home in Natick and we are still unpacking!  On Friday evening before heading to Natick we let Luna play with all her growing up friends and her new friend Jersey.

Luna & Dustin's buddies

We’ve managed to dig ourselves out of most of the major boxes but it looks like we’ll be unpacking for quite a while. I am trying my hardest to keep my attention focused on how wonderful everything will look and feel when it’s put away in its proper storage space. But, I have to admit, my motivation has been waning. Thank God for Dustin that has been incredible this week, especially on Tuesday that I was feeling really frustrated as when I woke up my Garmin was completely dead and not for not being charged, I was running out of running clothes because we didn’t have a washer and dryer, and I stuck my SD card with all my photos  in my mac DVD/CD drive and to top if off I had to work until 11 pm.  But when I got home from work he magically had everything fixed!  He went to REI and exchange my Garmin to the Nike+, he bought a new washer and dryer and wait…drum roll please, he had them delivered that same night and he shook the hell out of my computer and with some magic tricks he rescued my memory card!   I know he is pretty amazing and I am so lucky to have a hubby that doesn’t freak out as I do or it would be a serious problem! Anyway, I need to find again that enthusiasm to tackle the last quarter of the unpacking and I am determined to do so as being in a new and exciting apartment cluttered with boxes makes me nuts!

We’ve been exploring what the neighborhood has to offer. Dustin found this great baseball field that is a dog park as well and Luna found lots of new friends.  Dustin is pumped too, as I guess Friday is the big night at the dog park where lots of dog owner gather and while the dogs run around getting their exercise=nice and tired, the owner drink beer! Natick seems a very dog friendly town and everyone is really open and friendly as well.  I noticed that  each person, either was a runner or not, I encountered during my runs said hi to me or acknowledge me. Thing that I have to say wasn’t happening all the time in Cambridge.  Also everyone that sees you approach a crossing path stops.

Luna's 1st and new boxer friend

Here is the weekly recap for Week 19 of my Project 365.

Photo 126/ 365 ~ Saturday, October 1, 2011

I can’t believe October is here already!  With October came also the last group training run with Team in Training.

Photo 127/ 365 ~ Sunday, October 2, 2011

We took a break from our unpacking and went to my new favorite brunch place Zaftig which it happens to be few miles away from where we live=)  My favorite dish is their Challah french toast mmmmm so yummi! Oh and I absolutely recommend this drink called zimosa that is their version of mimosa with a twist of pineapple!

Photo 128/ 365 ~ Monday, October 3, 2011

During the unpacking process I found this hat that I thought Luna would look good in it!  Doesn’t she look chic =D

Photo 129/ 365 ~ Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Sunday we decided to go to Bloomingdales and find ourselves a new and pretty bedroom set.  We decided that we would have Luna sleep on her bed at the bottom of our bed .  We were really determined to make this happen! We found a very modern black and white Diane Von Furstenberg duvet cover and very bright hot pink sheets that went really went with it, plus pink is the color for October to bring awareness for Breast Cancer with Pink Colors.  So, we bought the set!  I was really excited but postponed to use them as I wanted another night cuddling with the LunaTik!  Needless to say WE decided to return them as they were too expensive to have Luna sleep on it…yes we chose Luna over the pretty sheets!

Photo 130/ 365 ~ Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A self portrait of the three of us sitting on top of the 2nd floor stairs.

Photo 131/ 365 ~ Thursday, October 6, 2011

During my walk with Luna around Natick center I found the first sign of fall!  I also found a couple of great arts & crafts places that I can’t wait to check out!

Photo 132/ 365 ~ Friday, October 7, 2011   

Luna loves laying in the sun and it was so funny watching her the last few days not only finding the sunny spots in the house and bath there but following the sun when it would move…hilarious!

It looks like here in the Boston area we are going to have a gorgeous and warm week end.  My week end will be filled with things to do including running the BAA Half Marthon on Sunday and cheering on my girls at the Tufts 10k on Columbus Day! Enjoy everyone!  Off to Lululemon now…


One thought on “Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 19 Recap

  1. I LOVE this week’s photos. It captures all the wonderful parts about this transition to your new town, and also how changing neighborhoods means more than just moving to a new building…it’s also a shift in lifestyle and finding a new way to belong in your new community. The thing is, no matter where you, Dustin, and Luna go, you take with you this wonderful positive energy, a can-do attitude, and a healthy dose of curiosity. I am jealous of your neighbors!

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