Race Report: BAA Half Marathon

This long week end was all about running!  On Sunday I run my first B.A.A Half Marathon and on Monday my Team in Training ladies that I coached for the last 9 weeks crossed the finish line of the Tufts 10k!

Columbus Day weekend is always the weekend of the BAA Half Marathon in Boston, and this year I was part of this event record of 5,253 runners at the 11th B.A.A. Half Marathon.  For the second consecutive year, the race started in Franklin Park.  The 13.1-mile rolling course is an out-and-back route that runs along the historic Emerald Necklace park system through Brookline and Boston, beginning and ending at White Stadium in Boston’s Franklin Park.

B.A.A Half Marathon Course

Dustin and I went to pick up Amanda, who was running the Half Marathon too, and headed to UMass where we parked our car and took a school bus shuttle to the start/finish at Franklin Park.

On the School Bus

Dustin being silly on the bus!

We got there just in time as we meet up with Gina and boyfriend Matt and they started to call the runners to the race start.  I gave a big hug to Amanda and headed with Gina to the 7:00 mile pace sign.  It was very crowded but everyone was in very good spirits on what was a truly beautiful day.  In no time the gun went off and so were we!  Gina and I stayed together for the first few miles, then I didn’t see her anymore  until the turn-around-point on The Riverway 4.75 miles into the race.  I also saw my friend Lena and Amanda almost around mile 6 and cheered on them!  At mile 6  I saw Fabiana and Lyndsey, together with other lululemon’s girls that were cheering on the runners with blasting music.  When I was actually approaching them one of the BAA’s volunteer yelled out” Look at that beautiful smile, that’s what I like to see!”  It was really fun to see my lululemoners=)

Lululemoners with my sweet BAA volunteer

The sky was really clear and at the starting time the temperature was about 67 degrees and it got warmer very quickly during the run.  However, it wasn’t so bad as the course was for the most part nice and shady.   The course was absolutely beautiful and it is advertised as “rolling hills” and it started with a mile of downhill.  The course continues with small inclines, but mainly downhills through mile 6.5 and then you start climbing!  I was feeling incredibly good and despite of what everyone says I honestly don’t think that the hills were bad at all.  There were  two turn around and a couple sharp turns that slowed down people as well.  At about mile 11 it was really greta to see my love and Matt, I blew Dustin a kiss and headed to the Franklin Park Zoo.

I am at Mile 11

Gina at Mile 11

I had no idea that we were going to go in and out the actual zoo, looping around animal housed in enclosed spaces of course.  Anyway, while I was entering the zoo, kind of confused, I hear a roar and I turn my head and what did I see?  I saw a lion roaring at me! Ha ha for real!! It was awesome and apparently neither Gina or Amanda saw that…I know what you are thinking!  I was not hallucinating okay!  After that I exit the  Zoo, I entered the White Stadium and after a small incline, I entered and ran 200 meters to the finish line!  I loved finishing on the track.

In the White Stadium

I collected my metal and few minutes later Gina finished too and we went off  looking for our men that were following us behind very quietly…those two! Haha

Hmmm do you see the guys?

Gina and Matt had to go so Dustin and I headed to mile 11 and waited for Amanda.  We cheered on her, take a couple of crazy photos of her jumping and then went to great her at the finish line!

Amanda at about 400 meters to go!

Ethiopian Ali Abdosh and Janet Cherobon-Bawcom from Rome, Georgia took the titles in 1 hour, 3 minutes, 36 seconds and 1:11:58.  Also in the crowd was former New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi and his wife Heidi. Finishing together with an official time of 2:10:04 for Heidi and 2:10:05 for Tedy.

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom won everything this week end: the BAA Half Marathon & the Tufts 10K the day after

How did I do?  I had a fantastic time, I was feeling really great but I didn’t get a PR .

Official Results

Time: 1:38:32
Overall place: 436 out of 5187 runners
Women 35-39 Age Group Place: 11th out of 571
Overall Women Place: 73rd female (elite runners included) out of 3896 females

Amanda & I finally run our first Half Marathon together=)

A special and super thank you to my fantastic hubby that again was the best support system anyone could ask for!  Thank you baby!


4 thoughts on “Race Report: BAA Half Marathon

  1. Amazing work, Natascia! So happy to hear you had a great race, this one is has been on my list for a few years and you’ve inspired me to bump it up to the top of the list for next year!

    Congrats again and best of luck for your upcoming races!

  2. Seriously, Dustin wins best fan club member ever, so supportive! And you lady?! You are incredible! 11th in your division, amazing! So impressive!

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