Team In Training’s Team running theTufts 10K for Women

Nine weeks ago I embarked on a journey of coaching for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training which culminated yesterday in Boston when all of my runners crossed the finish line of the Tufts 10K for Women.  It has been such an honor and pleasure for me to work with a group of amazing ladies and words cannot express how proud I was of each and every one of  them when they crossed that finish line.

The Tufts 10k is always on Columbus Day, and this year too it was on Monday October 10th at noon.  However, I thought that it would have been very helpful for the girls to meet before hand and have a nice breakfast together just to get even more that team feeling that would definitely help release some tension.  So, Dustin and I drove to the city pretty early and I have to say that the girls really enjoyed having Dustin around, they thought he was the cutes and funny hubby ever and so supportive…they really couldn’t get over the fact that he was there with me to support me and them as well.

After breakfast walking to the Common

Each one of the girls in the team is very special and incredible human being so it was really easy for Dustin to connect with all of them.  I know I have a pretty special hubby!  After breakfast we all walked together to the Boston Common where the Team in Training table was set up together with the rest of the expo. It was a really hot day and there was no cloud in the sky but everyone was just enjoying themselves and having fun!

Boston Team in Training

TNT group

After that the whole team headed for the start, which was madness! Over 7,000 women ran this race!  As a coach for TNT I was allowed on the race course.  Beth, who was the Natick team coach and myself (the Boston Team coach) did not sign up for the event because we did not participated for time, but rather for supporting our TNT teams.

Making our way to the starting line

I was were wearing my TNT singlet and started off in front with the fast ladies, while Beth was on the back of the group with the last walker.  The plan was for us coaches to be on the course the whole time until our last participant would finish.

About 7,000 Women!!

I ended up running more than 6 miles, about 8 in fact .  After mile four  I let my fast ladies go on their own,  turned around and went back and forth along the course supporting all the rest of the group.

My fastest girls Aimee and Leah!

Natalie who is running the San Francisco Nike Marathon next Sunday=)

Sweet Amy





Me going back and forth on the course like a mad woman=)

I did that until mile 6 where I actually stopped and waited for Beth and Team in Training very last walker.  I joined them and crossed the finish line together!  That was it! They all did it and I couldn’t be more proud!

Last TNT walker

I rushed to go meet everyone else and congratulate with them for this great accomplishment!

All done!!

After that some of the girls, Dustin & I went to Joe and the ladies offered Dustin few nice cold beers for being so incredible awesome and for taking lots of photos of this incredible event.  They really LOVED him…but who doesn’t=) He is pretty special! Thanks so much honey for all the support you gave me and everyone around you your precious support! Sei unico amore mio!

Macho man

Some of the girls really always wanted to do a Half Marathon but never thought they could do it, well after our 6 miles run I suggested that they should keep training and absolutely be ready to run a half marathon by mid November.  To my delight they committed and they will be running the Chily Half Marathon in Newton on November 13th!

Thanks so much Team in Training for reaching out  to me and ask me to be the coach of this wonderful team of special ladies!


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