Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 22 Recap

What a great week filled with fun, costumes, kids, and friends old and new!  Today was more special as I started my morning with a 6 mile run, went to an hour yoga class and spent the whole afternoon talking deliberately to an old friend about life, yoga, food, families, relationships, feelings, laughing and crying and 4 hours and half later we look at the time and couldn’t believe our eyes! We were having such a great time conversing with each other that we not only got lost in each other but we also lost track of time!  All of a sudden I remembered.  I parked my car in a 2-hours meter (in a pretty busy street in Boston), therefore the meter has been expired for 2 hours and a half!  She walked quickly with me to the car, as she wanted to make sure my car wasn’t towed or anything, and we both started to giggle and wowing while we were getting closer to the car and saw no tickets on it!  I yelled:” Wow God love us!!” This was the second time I got lucked out with an expired meter and the first time I also was with her.  It looks like everything is working in our favor!  After that I picked up Luca, the youngest of the three children I was nanny for the longest time, and now Dustin and Luca are watching X-man…what a better time or me to do the recap of Week 22 of my Project 365…

Photo 147/ 365 ~ Saturday, October 22, 2011

I started my day with the nicest run in a long time. I found this beautiful scenic road off 135 called Pond Rd and I decided to just follow it.  It was just amazing and so relaxing almost meditative! After that Dustin & I went to get apples and pumpkins!! And finally, Dustin brought me to pick up my birthday present from him… a brand new Nikon D5100!! I am so excited for my new toy! After that we picked up Valentina, the second of the three children I was nanny for, so Dustin and I could take her to her race the day after.  We went to eat out and watched a movie. Valentina was a little nervous for her race and I guess Luna sensed it as she didn’t even budge when it was time to go to bed and followed Valentina in her room. Such a sweetie!


Photo 148/ 365 ~ Sunday, October 23, 2011

We woke up early and Dustin made pancakes for breakfast!  Our athlete ate some and got ready to head out to the Franklin Park Zoo to race in the BAA Mayor Cup!  After watching proudly my girl I went to work and after we closed it was time for our staff meeting.  It was really great to get the idea flowing for the holiday season coming up. When I got home Dustin was gone to another work trip=(  But the house was filled with little love notes and he had the coffee ready for me for the morning=) So, I talked to Dustin on the phone while Luna and I were cuddling in bed wishing for him to be with us.


Photo 149/ 365 ~ Monday, October 24, 2011

We have to think of what to do with all those apples…mmmmm apple pie!


Photo 150/ 365 ~ Tueday, October 25, 2011

Lately Luna is obsessed with one of her oldest toys, the piglet.  She doesn’t go anywhere without it and she cuddles with it, it’s like the security blanket! Awwww


Photo 151/ 365 ~ Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here’s Luna again with her piglet in his mouth, this time all of a sudden she was pushing her bed around digging trying to make it a comfortable spot ( not sure I can call this comfy) and fall asleep right there! Hilarious!

Photo 152/ 365 ~ Thursday, October 27, 2011

It poured all day and believe it or not it also snowed!  In the evening, Fabiana and her brother pick me, Dianna and Sam up and we all went as a team to the CrossFit Ripper event that Lululemon organized. It was a blast!


Photo 153/ 365 ~ Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is Luna greeting Luca! She was so excited to see him again, it’s unbelievable the way she remembers people!


I have few extra photos that deserved some attention. First, look at that pumpkin, it’s almost bigger than I am!


Second, Dustin carrying both our pumpkin…can’t wait to carve them!


Third, I couldn’t resist to put a dress up photos of me and my favorite lulu ladies, Fabiana and Dianna!


Happy Halloween everyone, put a costume on and run!!


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