The Lululemon Avengers at the 3rd Annual Superhero 5K

Happy Halloween!!

Yesterday, me, Fabiana and Marisa run the 3rd annual Superhero 5K in Cambridge dressed us as the Lululemon Avengers!

I run this race last year too with Dustin, our friend Amanda and her boyfriend David.  We dressed up as the Ninja Turtle and we had so much fun that we decided to make this race an annual ritual.  Except, that Amanda few weeks ago got hit from behind in a car accident causing her whiplash.

The Not So Ninja Turtle

So, I decided to extend the invitation to the Lululemon Team at the Natick store as Dustin had the brilliant idea that we should be going as the Lululemon Avengers!  Pretty cool idea right?!  We wore black lululemon running tights, each one of us had a different color swiftly tech long sleeve shirt on with a superhero badge pinned on it that I made for all of us =) And to complete our costume in style we wore superman underoos!

Did I mention it was 19 degrees in Boston this morning and we got  SNOW the night before?  Yes, you read correctly. We got 3-5 inches of snow around here and it was below freezing. On October 30th!  Seriously too early for snow and cold temperatures for my taste!  But we did it anyway, Dustin and I picked up Fabiana and drove to Central Square in Cambridge which is between Harvard and MIT…pretty perfect place to have a superhero/geekie run ah! Marisa met us there and after we picked up our number we stayed in the warm car and waited for 2 minutes before 10am, when the race started, and headed to the starting line where all the superheros were squeezing together to stay warm.

The race was a ton of fun and about 500 brave people showed up and completed the Superhero 5K race.  There were lots of really great costumes out there!  We  stayed together throughout  the whole race as we weren’t really going for time but just for fun!

Oh and Dustin of course came up with the awesomest things ever! Chip Wilson is the founder of Lululemon so we were the Chip’s Angels! Haha

Have a great Halloween! I will be spending my evening working at Lululemon and of course I will be wearing my lululemon Avengers outfit!


2 thoughts on “The Lululemon Avengers at the 3rd Annual Superhero 5K

  1. love it! such a cute idea for the costumes. awesome superhero badges you made too; you two are so super creative! missed running with you yesterday (but didn’t miss being outside in that weather, hehe).

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