When we adopted Luna…

A year ago yesterday we brought home our Luna.  She was only 8 weeks old and we adopted her from  the Help Save One  group. The memory of picking her up is so vivid and still warm my heart.  She was so tiny and as soon as I hold her in my arms she started to kiss me like she knew I was her momma.  I just remember keep saying out loud “I love you, I love you” and the thing is that I really meant it.  Those words were coming from deep inside, for some reason the moment I held that tiny energetic puppy, she stole my heart forever, and I haven’t been able to get it back since (not that I want it back).  Dustin too was blown away, we both fell in love with her immediately, brought her back home to 45 Yerxa Rd in Cambridge, and changed her name from Bessie (named so because of her cute cow nose) to Luna which means Moon in Italian.

The photo that made us fall in love with Luna

She was pretty sick, and they warned us she had kennel cough and that they were giving her some meds for it.  Well, on the drive home hearing this little thing coughing really bad it was kind of scary, it just didn’t sound right, and once at home she didn’t act like a puppy but more like an old sick dog.  Her eyes were so sad, my poor baby!  Well, needless to say that we were pretty worried about  her and decided to spend our first night together to the emergency vet doing exams and X-rays just to find out that she not only had a really bad Kennel Cough but she also had the beginning stages of pneumonia and if left untreated, pneumonia can be as fatal to dogs as it is to humans.  Her heart was so tiny that she had to take human antibiotics as they are weaker than dog’s antibiotics.  That visit costed us a fortune but we felt so much better as we knew she was going to get better!  And she did! She is such a strong pup and with all the love and cuddling we and our wonderful family gave her she got better in no time and she was running around making trouble!

Froggy, Luna's first toy

Now, she is very healthy and has plenty of energy! She is very lovable and friendly! Everyone in the neighborhood knows her and adores her. She has made many friends, all types of animals- dogs, bunnies, cats, birds, and humans. She loves to play, and fetch the ball and we taught her few tricks..oh and she also understand Italian.  Just tell her ” Bacio” and you will see what I am talking about.  For who of you that don’t know bacio means Kiss in Italian=).  She is a very smart puppy, and we spoil her with love.  Also, she is very strong and muscular. She enjoys playing with toys. However, all of her toys only last a few hours because of her strength.  She likes to chew on her leash sometimes too.  She sleeps with us on the bed and many nights we would go to sleep with her by our feet and wake up in the morning with her between us on the bed or even better with her head on our pillow.  I love to cuddle with her, she is the best cuddler after Dustin!  When 6 am comes around she starts to kiss us (all over) good morning and jump out of bed ready to start the day.  Dustin is the best as every morning he takes her to the park and have her run around with other dogs or fetching the ball.  From all that throwing the shoulder’s poor thing is a mess.  Luna is a jewel like no other.

Poor baby she was so sick

Adopting Luna wasn’t a walk in the park.  For us that we were used to have our freedom it was hard to sacrifice the time ” just for a dog”.  We felt really bad that we left Luna home alone for 8 straight hours when we went to work.  We cried at times as we  didn’t feel Luna fit into our lifestyle and things were more awkward and difficult.  We came up with idea that we needed to find a better home for Luna and so we did.  We found her a wonderful family who already had a dog so she could play all day long.  We felt really good about Luna’s new family, we were so excited that we were going to give her a better life and a sister with who she was going along really well and yes selfishly, we were happy  that we would get our freedom back.  The day we gave Luna away was one of the worse day in Dustin’s and I life!  When we open the door of out apartment and didn’t hear Luna barking at us with excitement we started to cry so hard that we knew we made the biggest mistake ever.  If it was for me I would have go get Luna back right away, but we all know I am very impulsive.  Dustin made me think and rationalize and we went to bed that night with a very sad heart.  The day after we both went to work but our thoughts were with Luna.  That night we talked about it and we decided that Luna is part of our life, without her our family was uncompleted.  Well, that night Dustin wrote that lady : “I am extremely sorry for the trouble and sadness this message may bring you but I’m afraid to tell you that we cannot do it without our Luna.  Both Natascia and I have never been such a mess in our lives as we were all yesterday, last night, and all day today.  The main reason we thought to re-home Luna was what we thought would be best for her, but we didn’t realize what she actually brought to us, she is the joy in our life and we are willing to change whatever we need to to make her the happiest dog in the world.  I’m sure you understand as you are as much an animal lover as anyone I know.”

She was so wonderful, as she totally understood our struggle, that she said: “Come get her right away as we are already very attached to her.” To make the story more difficult, the day after Dustin had to go to California for work but Luna is such a lucky girl as she also has grandparents that loves her very much and offered to drive me all the way to Salem to get Luna back.  When Luna saw us was so excited and I still today remember very vividly the drive back home.  Luna didn’t let go of me one bit and slept with her small face right on my neck. In that moment I felt so much love coming out of me that it’s hard to explain.  It was like she was reassuring me that I am her mommy and that’s all she wanted.  Oh boy, tears are coming down while I am writing… I am such a baby!

I remember, someone once told me that “Doing rescue must be pretty glamorous”.  Well, that is the best joke I had heard in months. Rescue is emotionally, physically and often financially draining. Doing animal rescue causes sleepless nights, frantic days and domestic unrest. If it sounds like a nightmare, well it is.  So , why would anyone do this, and what crazy person would do this voluntarily? Fortunately a lot of us would. And we do it for those rare moments when everything and everyone comes together and makes a positive change in the life of one animal.  I have those moments everyday.  She gave us so much love, she make us feel so special as she is always so happy and very passionately excited to see us! We love her with all out heart and we can’t imagine our life without our Luna!

So, thank you Amanda for showing us the picture of the best thing that had ever happened to our family!  And thank you Bob & Laura for being the best grandparents ever and helping anytime we needed a permanent home for Luna!

First day at 45 Yerxa Rd

Her first bed lasted a day

A Year ago...

In February...

...Luna was exploding out of her 1st sweater

Trying to get on the couch with my slipper that was bigger than her

At my first race...the Turkey Trot

She is such daddy girl

First high 5 to daddy

She loves her GBob

Awwwwwww someone looks comfy

She loves to cuddle with GBossy on the BIG chair

When she got spayed

We are family

She is our princess


One thought on “When we adopted Luna…

  1. aaaand now i am crying! love, love, love! the three of you really are a beautiful family and just make sense. it takes a big heart and patience to rescue, like you said, and i am so happy that lunabunabellamoocamacciata found her furever home with such incredibly dedicated and wonderful puppy parents. bacio!

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