2012 Boston Marathon Training Plan

January means Boston Marathon Training commence! Can you believe it’s already here?

Ahhhhhhh!!! So excited! I LOVE to run but I love even more to train!

On Monday I finished up my training plan for the 116th Boston Marathon which I made more advanced than last year as my goal is to PR and run Boston faster than last year.  Hopefully, I the weather won’t be as bad as last year and we will get less snow (crossing fingers) so I can work on my speed.

This is gonna be my second Boston Marathon and 3rd Marathon overall and I feel that I am definitely a stronger runner than I was when I started running almost 2 years ago. I know it is gonna be a different experience that the unforgettable first one, but from what I heard (from people that have been running Boston for 10 years in a row) running the Boston Marathon has it’s magic to it.  Either is that its one of the oldest marathons in the world or because of the words “Heartbreak Hill” is a well known saying in the US or that the qualifying times are tough, talking about Boston gave me chills! No matter what I will be happy crossing that finish line knowing I had fun taking in my surroundings=)

2011 Boston Marathon - To the finish line

I also know that I am going to train very hard for this race and give it anything less than my best, hopefully it will be my best round of training that will get me to the start line in  Hopkington in the best shape I have been in. Hold the winter please=)

My Training Plan for the 116th Boston Marathon

(R) Repeat runs consist of:

  • 1 Mile Warm Up easy jog
  • 4 Short intervals of 100 Meters run 100 Meter Walk
  • 4 Shorts Intervals of 200 Meters run 200 Meters Jog
  • Indicated Number of 1 mile repeats at Marathon Goal pace with standing recovery
  • 1 Mile jog to cool down

(P) Pace runs 

Pace runs are runs done at constant moderate effort, usually at or slightly faster than race pace. These runs are probably the most effective type of speedwork training for the marathon as they have two benefits. First, they are effective physical and mental stimulators of a race and the body+mind learn to function efficiently at racing speeds and to maintain speed. Second, running at 85-90% effort for the workout distance creates a cardiovascular overload that has similar strength benefits to those you get from aerobic interval training. For marathon training and excellent pace workout is 6-7 miles at marathon pace.

Pace runs consist of:

  • 1 Mile Warm Up easy jog
  • 4 Short intervals of 100 Meters run 100 Meter Walk
  • 4 Shorts Intervals of 200 Meters run 200 Meters Jog
  • A pace run of the indicated number of miles at marathon goals pace
  • 1 Mile jog to cool down

Speedwork – I am going back to Somerville Road Runners track. I am going to try my best to get to the Tufts’ indoor track facility in the Gantcher Center in Somerville (weather permitting) every Tuesday nights.  Even though is not in my training schedule for Tuesday that is what I am going to shoot for as I know it’s the best way to get my speedwork in.

Long runsI plan to run nine 20-24 milers, to establish a strong endurance base. There are many different schools of thought regarding long runs;  run at marathon pace, run 20% slower than goal pace… lots of studies,  lots of opinions, and a lot options to chose from! For me it all comes down to what works best for me. For me personally, I typically run the long runs within 30 – 45 seconds of my goal race pace, sometimes faster, sometimes slower depending on the day.  I usually find myself running the second half faster than the first as when my legs and lungs warm up and I feel stronger. However, each run is unique and I like to mix it up depending on my mood… it keeps things more interesting!

Mileage –  I am planning to run between 60 to 70 miles per week. Although the training doesn’t show a week where I hit 70 miles I am actually planning to add milage, according to how my hams feel=)

Strength/Core – Last year I strictly just run but this year I am determined to get some strength/core work in every single week. Including spinning, yoga and cross fit.

This year I also decide to keep a journal and record every day run.  In fact I will start a page in my blog that I will update daily (depending on availability=)

Bring it on Boston…I love YOU!

PS: Here is a video of me on Boylston Street at about .2 miles away from the finish line…I get goose bumps every time I see it!


2 thoughts on “2012 Boston Marathon Training Plan

  1. You go girl!!!! SO excited for you!!!! How incredible that TWO out of 3 of your marathons will have been Boston – it just seems like you’ve been a runner your whole life!!! Vai Bella, vai vai!!

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