My 2 Year Runniversary

Two years ago today…

  • I ran my very first mile of my first half marathon training.
  • I had no idea what a Garmin was, what lactate threshold meant, what tempo, BQ, VO2, or really any running terms meant.  Had no idea there were running terms and what Boston qualifier meant.
  • I had no idea if I could run 26.2 miles.
  • I would have never imagined that I would qualify  for the Boston Marathon on my first attempt.
  • I had no idea what a huge impact running would have on my life.
  • I had no idea I was born to run.
  • My life changed for the very best.
  • Fell in love with lululemon running gears and people that worked at the Natick store. Researched more about the company and loved everything about it to the point that I applied for a job and here I am now being with the company for over 7 months.

I still can’t believe it’s been two full years since that day.

If you don’t know my story, I had a marathon on my bucket list.  I was bored in my workout routine and needed a new challenge, so I took a leap of faith and sign up for the Great Bay Half Marathon in Newmarket, NH (Crazy hilly) to test my endurance out.  One little mile started it all.

I have learned so much about running and about myself in those two years and I cannot imagine what I would be doing now without it.  Running has become such a huge part of my life now and has introduced me to the most amazing people and community.  I am very, very lucky to have found it.

So here I am 2 years later, still running.  Running and me just click.  I can’t imagine not running and I can’t wait to see what I have going on in another 2 years!

In the past 2 years i have…

  • Ran 20 races including 2 full marathons and 9 half marathons
  • Shaved 10 minutes off my first Half Marathon
  • Ran a total of 3338.9 miles since day one ( Few more miles and it’s like I ran to Italy=)

Running has changed my life for the better.  It has given me something to always strive for and to look forward to.  It has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that I am tougher than I thought I was.  It has introduced me to a lot of amazing people. It keeps me sane, focused, dedicated and happy.  It has made me stronger, both physically and emotionally.  It has taught me that hard work pays off. And it is one of the thing in my life I am very confident about.

Do you celebrate your Runniversary?


2 thoughts on “My 2 Year Runniversary

  1. Your determination is infectious and motivating. Your zest for running can be compared to your zest for life – full of pure joy, authenticity, and a willingness to live by “you get out of it what you put into it.” Never have I met someone who so fully lives what they believe in. Your decision to lace up and head out on that day 2 years ago not only changed your life’s course, but so many others’ as well. I may not have taken up to the road again had it not been for your inspiring me, and I know I am not alone. When you take on each mile, please know that you’ve somehow managed to transform an individual sport into a community experience….with each foot, one in front of the other, you give hope to so many that living the life we imagine, and achieving those “far out” goals is more than just possible, it CAN and DOES happen. Vai, vai!!

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