Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 41-42-43 Recap

Where did the time go?? I can’t believe t’s been three weeks since my last post! Meanwhile summer came and this week we had gorgeous 80 degrees sunny days…crazy! Bando alle ciancie (cut the chatter!) here is the recap of week 41-42 and 43 of my photo Friday.

Week 41 of my Project 365:

Photo 280/ 365 ~ Saturday,  March 3, 2012

It was Dustin’s 30th Surprise Birthday party! It was so much fun! I told him I was going to work and left the house at 9:30am picked up his gorgeous new watch and went to Bob and Laura’s house to prepare for the party. I can stress enough to say how I couldn’t have done it without the help of Amanda, who we consider like a sister and certainly reminds me of Dustin (if he was a girl) in so many ways and Laura and Bob! We love you so much guys!


Photo 281/ 365 ~ Sunday,  March 4, 2012
Check out this gorgeous and funky tree that we saw walking around Brookline! And this is just one of them, there are so many of them!

Photo 282/ 365 ~ Monday,  March 5, 2012

My baby loves his new grill and he has been making us delicious dinners=) I am such a lucky girl!


Photo 283/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  March 6, 2012

A bunch of us from the lulu store in Natick headed over to Crossfit City Line  not only to take a kick ass class but to surprise Mat Frankel and ask him to be our newest member of the Ambassador Family woop woop!! He is an incredible coach and person and will be a great addition to our family!!! We love you Matt!


Here is the lulu gang=)


Photo 284/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  March 7, 2012

Dustin 30th birthday!! He was traveling for his birthday, so didn’t have the chance to celebrate on that day but we made sure to celebrate plenty during the week! The only photo I took was at work.


Photo 285/ 365 ~ Thursday,  March 8, 2012

I love my socks, they have messages written on them=)


Photo 286/ 365 ~ Friday,  March 9, 2012

My inspirational corner!


Week 42 of my Project 365:

Photo 287/ 365 ~ Saturday,  March 10, 2012

Went to Maxwell 148 to celebrate Dustin’s birthday =) Yummi amazing food! Oh and the Daylight saving time starts today yippi!


Photo 288/ 365 ~ Sunday,  March 11, 2012

Dustin made pizza on the grill OMG so amazing!


Photo 289/ 365 ~ Monday,  March 12, 2012

Here is the man on action!


Photo 290/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  March 13, 2012

One of the first very warm day! After work we all went to the park and it was still light out! Luna loves her ball, thank God she has a daddy that can throw really far=)



Photo 291/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  March 14, 2012

Dustin came home with a really BIG ball for Luna, here I was trying to get her from her…there was no way!



Photo 292/ 365 ~ Thursday,  March 15, 2012

Another new toy, but this one it’s suppose to be MIGHTY strong. Here is Luna trying to get it from D!


Photo 293/ 365 ~ Friday,  March 16, 2012

Yes that’s what I saw when I opened my eyes! No comment!!!!!


Week 43 of my Project 365:

Photo 294/ 365 ~ Saturday,  March 17, 2012

Dustin ready to enjoy one of the wine he got as a present for his bday!


Photo 295/ 365 ~ Sunday,  March 18, 2012

What a tired puppy, thanks to daddy that took her to the park everyday! We love this daylight saving time!


Photo 296/ 365 ~ Monday,  March 19, 2012

Both Dustin and I had the day off!!! All of us at the park!


Photo 297/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  March 20, 2012

Took lululemon in Natick running ambassador Dawn and her cute pup Betty for a fun photo shoot on 135.


Photo 298/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  March 21, 2012

lululemon in Natick first run focus group that I was at the head of it. It was a very fun night and very successful!


Photo 299/ 365 ~ Thursday,  March 22, 2012

lululemon in Natick new windows. This month is all for the Boston Marathon!


Photo 300/ 365 ~ Friday,  March 23, 2012

My delicious lunch=)


Have a great rest of the weekend!


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