Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 47 Recap

This week flew by! Today was actually the first day that I did the stairs like a normal person. Not going down on the side, backwards, crawling, my legs are still a little sore but they are way better than they were in the last few days after the marathon. This race left me with two black toe nails, one of them was especially swollen and hurting me for the first two days and I thought about having Dustin draining it but when he saw a video of how to do it, he said:”No way I am gonna do that to you!” It’s much better now, but I think that eventually I am gonna go to a Podiatrists to get both of those nails removed, so they can grow normal.

Here is my Week 47 of my Project 365:

Photo 322/ 365 ~ Saturday,  April 14, 2012

Dustin and I went to the Boston Marathon Expo that was held at the World Trade Center this year. We ran into coach Rick that introduced me to Erin Enderson and he gave Dustin very helpful tips to how to get to the city on Marathon Monday, as he’s been doing it for many years! We stopped by the lulu container but very shortly after we got there we were ready to go home. I wanted to go check out Nike in backbay but it was lunch time so we drove into the city and first had lunch at Joe’s American bar. Of course the place was packed but we lucked out as there were two open spots at the bar, so we grabbed them. While there a couple sat next to us, and we realized right away that the woman was running Boston. Th waitress by mistake pour Dustin’s the wrong beer, the beer that the guys next to us ordered. That was the conversation starter, we hit it off really good with Pat and Sharon from Kentucky that we were there for a couple of hours just chatting with them. In the evening we went to Arlington to have dinner at Christopher to celebrate my girl Valentina that turned a teenager.


Photo 323/ 365 ~ Sunday,  April 15, 2012

Went to the GB’s house to chill with them and have a nice breakfast, and while they had Bob’s delicious stuffed pancakes (that I haven’t tried yet and by the way gonna have them this Sunday…my request is to stuff them with Nutella yummm) it was already lunch time for me so Dustin cooked me a delicious grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and had it with avocado and bread! I made sure to hydrate really good throughout the day and to have coconut water. Here is all my fuel for to have during the marathon.



I love the sign that Marc last year got for me at the Boston Marathon.


Photo 324/ 365 ~ Monday,  April 16, 2012

Here we go again, 116th Boston Marathon. Fabiana started to text me at 5 am, the poor thing was so nervous for me that she was up at 3 am. Bottom line she really wanted to give me a hug before I was going so at 6:15a, she was at my house. I was on the phone with my mom that she was having a strong feeling I was gonna win the Boston Marathon. Well you can imagine how hard I was laughing at that point! Fabs not only gave me a hug but an amazing and very touching photo album ( more like a photo journal of my running journey) she made for me. I love that girl!! Dustin drove me to the Hopkinton State Park, we left home around 7:30am, where I took the yellow school bus to the Village.


Photo 325/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  April 17, 2012

The day after! I was off and I spent my day writing my recap, icing my left toe that didn’t look good at all, basically just recovering! In front of our house that was still one cup left from the race, and the road is very waxy. Dustin told me that the paper water cups are lined with wax…well I can see that from the shiny road!


Photo 326/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  April 18, 2012

Fabs hubby Rick took Dustin and Sam to a Red Sox game and Di, Fabs and I went to visit the BSC in Waltham and went to have dinner at Aegean, this amazing Greek Restaurant in Framingham! Well, Di insisted we tried the Baklava (which was amazing) but of course we went a little overboard and  got Chocolate cake. Di knew I gave up ice cream for about 2 months before the marathon so she made sure the waitress would bring some vanilla ice cream as well. When the waitress found out that I ran Boston she got really passionate talking about her son running it and mostly about the tragedy of the race itself. She’s been watching Boston for many years but never seen so many runners fall down, cramp up, getting to medical tent and the hospital, she said  that it was very scary as she’s never seen anything like it.  Well, that conversation was right before she brought us dessert and I just have to say that she was really generous with the ice cream and we didn’t pay for it!


Here is me finally tackling my reward =)


Photo 327/ 365 ~ Thursday,  April 19, 2012

My sweet girl always there by my side!


Photo 328/ 365 ~ Friday,  April 20, 2012

Dinner at Aegean again, this time with my love and Bob and Laura! My favorite dish is definitely the haddock!


Have a great weekend!


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