Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 48 Recap

It’s that time of the week again! This week was very exciting as we finally booked our trip to Italy but before we land home to see my crazy Italian family we will stop in Paris for 3 days for a well deserved romantic mini vacation, only God knows how much we need this trip!! Oh and I am addicted to Instagram! Chris has been telling me for a while how awesome Instagram his and I should be part of it. So I tried it out this week and I absolutely loved it! It’s so much fun and it’s so easy to find a good picture to take when you know you can capture it with your phone! So most of this week photos were taking them with my iphone!

Here is my Week 48 of my Project 365:

Photo 329/ 365 ~ Saturday,  April 21, 2012

I worked the closing shift with my lovely Fabs but before that I went to an amazing hour and a half Power Yoga class at Mystic Fitness with the amazing Amy! She was very impressed by my performance at the marathon especially under the crazy heat we had, she is also a marathoner and she couldn’t stop telling me how great I did to the point that she announced right before the class and after asking my time and Fabiana yelling out 3:29 everyone applaud and I of course turned red like a pepper! The class was amazing and it was my first one since the Marathon, my toe was a little sore but definitely better and didn’t stop me to practice to my best! It felt so good! Dustin  made sure I got my first soft serve ice cream in awhile before I got to work=)


Photo 330/ 365 ~ Sunday,  April 22, 2012

Bobby the master of making pancake made art on Sunday! He made us amazing stuffed pancakes and under my request here is making me a nutella batch…no words can describe how delicious they were…sublime in fact! Bravo GBob! And of course thank you for always being so thoughtful! What a special guy you are! I love you with all my heart…and I am not saying just so you make me more pancakes or waffles=D


Here are the Bananas and Almond Butter ones!


Photo 331/ 365 ~ Monday,  April 23, 2012

Opened with Fabs and went to the Gym with her working my legs and gluteus…oh did they hurt the day after, I cannot still sit! Thanks Fabs! Of course after that we went to spin with Master GStar!! It was kinda of a rainy day and I have to say that this is not a bad photo at all considering that it was taken with the iphone!


Photo 332/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  April 24, 2012

I spent most of my day researching hotel in Paris, so you can imagine how stir crazy I was! When I finally booked one (pretty exciting it is near the Eiffel Tower) I went for my first short run after the Marathon! It was so gorgeous out! I took my phone with me as I was waiting for Fabs to text me when to meet at the gym to work out arms this time.  When running I couldn’t resist but stop taking a photo of this gorgeous tree !


Photo 333/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  April 25, 2012

When I was coming into the house with Luna I noticed this pretty yellow dandelion right near the steps of our house main door and since I had my phone with me I snapped a photo of it! That evening I met Nichole and Dutch and went for a pretty fast 6 miles around Natick to determine the route for lululemon Fun Run Club that will start next Wednesday and it will be happening every week at 6:30 pm.


Nichole and Dutch will be leading the run club, so exciting!! They are both pretty amazing people and atheletes!


Photo 334/ 365 ~ Thursday,  April 26, 2012

When my love came home me and Luna were out and when Luna sniffed her daddy she just run to welcome him home…when she pulls me that hard I just let the leash go=)


Photo 335/ 365 ~ Friday,  April 27, 2012

Just got back from a nice dinner at the GBs with Amanda! Love those guys! Amanda surprised me with a beautiful bracelet (Venus)! Thanks for being you love! This is Before…Great package ah!



Gotta go to bed now, waking up early and meeting Fabs, Di and Nichole for Bootcamp class and spin class with GStar! Definitely in need of a good early morning workout!
Have an amazing week end! And good luck Amanda on your 10k!

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