Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Week 49 & 50 Recap

So many things happened this past two weeks! We went to Tenants Harbor Maine to visit Dustin’s dad & Laura, Dustin got promoted AGAIN (the guy just got his new business card with his new title…he has more promotion than years on his belt working at the company…yup the smart guys is my hubby=), I finally found my training groove and have already 40 miles in this week, I finally met our awesome neighbors that Dustin has been talking about for over a month, I took my first Bikram class and May has been a very rainy month!

Here is my Week 49 of my Project 365:

Photo 336/ 365 ~ Saturday,  April 28, 2012

GStar love! Went to Bootcamp and spin after with Fabs, Nichole and Di! Then closed with Fabs=)


Photo 337/ 365 ~ Sunday,  April 29, 2012

Went at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.



The exhibit was “Art in Bloo”, the museum’s annual spring flower festival, which pairs art masterpieces with interpretative floral arrangements. It was a bit like an Easter egg hunt — as we would have to search all the galleries trying to seek the arrangements. I wasn’t very impressed but my favorite was the orchid arrangement! I love these orchids and they were my wedding bouquet flower=)


I also loved Alex Katz exhibit, his prints are very vibrant with a very powerful graphic kick! Laura and I were having fun with Katz black hats!


Photo 338/ 365 ~ Monday,  April 30, 2012

Went to Gstar again and met Di and Fabs at Gold’s gym and there it was parked this gorgeous car that remind me of Dustin!


Photo 339/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  May 1, 2012

And with May we got new shoppers that I LOVE!!


Photo 340/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  May 2, 2012

Fabs and I woke ups super early in the morning to drive to Healthworks in Cambridge and take Jon’s spinning class. I’ve been bragging about for months and I finally convinced Fabs to come. It was a great class and it was really great to see Jon! In the evening we had our first lululemon Natick Run Club! We surprised Nichole and Dutch and asked them to be our NEW ambassador! It was a really fun night and I am so excited for a year of fun with them!


Photo 341/ 365 ~ Thursday,  May 3, 2012

Thursday after work we drove to Maine to visit Tom and Laura! Luna came too and she was so excited!


Photo 342/ 365 ~ Friday,  May 4, 2012

Celebrated Tom’s birthday with a nice morning walk in the rain, made delicious lemon merengue pie and went out to dinner with friends and family at the Rustica, a very nice italian restaurant in Rockland!

Laura’s infamous pie…so good!


The eleventh Month of My Project 365 is finished, finito!   Here is the recap of all the photos I took in April.


Here is my Week 50 of my Project 365:

Photo 343/ 365 ~ Saturday,  May 5, 2012

It was a cloudy day but not so rainy, so we went for a walk in the woods where Luna went crazy running around! It was really fun to see her running freely like that, she got a couple of bruises here and there but she seemed not to care at all! We drove back home in the later afternoon and finally the sun started to come out!


Dad and son worked on mounting the Polar cycling computer that Dust gave his dad!


Crazy clouds going home!


Photo 344/ 365 ~ Sunday,  May 6, 2012

Sunday Dustin had his first softball practice and I worked. Just to worn you, this week went by so fast that few days I almost forgot to take the photo of the day and had to find something to shoot!


Photo 345/ 365 ~ Monday,  May 7, 2012

This pup was so tired after a very busy weekend! Isn’t she adorable!


Photo 346/ 365 ~ Tuesday,  May 8, 2012

Another rainy day! When I got home from work I noticed a couple of bees flying around the bush near our house.


Photo 347/ 365 ~ Wednesday,  May 9, 2012

Our second run with the run club was rainy but we had few brave runners come out and play! Lots of fun! One of those day that I didn’t have a photo, thankfully I had to take photo of our beautiful store merched so here is a piece of or yoga box!


Photo 348/ 365 ~ Thursday,  May 10, 2012

Another last minute photo…last night before getting into bed! Oh yes because I was working on creating the lululemon Natick Run Club Facebook Page! Join our awesome Ambassadors every Wednesdays at 6:30PM. If you’re new to running, training for a race, or just looking for a fun group of people to run with, come on out and join the fun! All levels welcome.


Photo 349/ 365 ~ Friday,  May 11, 2012

Today was my day off ahhhhhhhh I went for a nice 8 miler this morning and then off to run some errands! In between I had lunch with my lovely hubby and when I got home I took the pup for a walk…it was so nice out, I missed the sun!


Her I had one of my crazy ” I want to snuggle with the pup” moment=)


On Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day that we celebrate all the wonderful mothers across the country. Whether it is by taking our moms to their favorite restaurant, calling them on the phone, or just being with them, this is a special day that moms should celebrate the way they choose! Do something special for a very special woman!

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