Foto Friday ~ Project 365: Finale!

My Project 365 has come to and end! Taking part of this project was a lot of fun and a lot of work. A photo a day for an entire year didn’t seem too hard at first but these past few months have been challenging when life started to get busy. I started a project on May 28, 2011 ( a very random date I know but I am random=) Usually people starts the project 365 on January 1st…well not me) I set out to take a photograph each day. I disciplined myself and my camera was always in my purse, eventually I started to use my iphone which made the project a bit easier. I absolutely love this way of journaling — in light and images rather than words. After a year of taking photos, I have a few tips for those of you who are thinking about starting this photo journaling project:

  1. If you miss a day, keep going. I chose to post a photo for every day, even though I did miss a day sometimes – days I just forgot to take a photo.
  2. Put aside your perfectionism. This is a project about growth, learning and journaling. If a photo doesn’t turn out well, move on. You have hundreds more to take!
  3. Don’t give up! You’ll be so glad you didn’t!

If you haven’t started a Project 365, what are you waiting for?

Here is the last two photos of my Project 365:

Photo 364/ 365 ~ Saturday,  May 26, 2012

This beautiful flower just bloomed in a plant outside our home. It was a very enlightening surprise!

Photo 365/ 365 ~ Sunday,  May 27, 2012

Fabiana and I ran the Boston Run to Remember. Of course our amazing hubby came to cheer us on! I run into so many people at the race, Amy that I haven’t seen in over a year was one of them. It was great to catch up with her! After the race was over we all went to have brunch at Zaftig! Dustin and I took Luna to the park, look how much she was panting from running so much in a pretty hot day! Overall was a really fun and energetic day!

Dustin and I are off to Paris and Italy tomorrow! We are so excited and we need a vacation so bad, in fact I cannot believe the day has finally arrived! We are  gonna miss our little puplet a lot but we couldn’t be more in peace knowing that our amazing Aunty Amanda and the GBs will take care of our sweet pup! Even though my Project 365 is over I will keep taking photos…what’s new there! Well maybe I can do this project again but this time just stick to use Histogram and maybe the start day will correspond with the 1st day we will arrive in Paris! We’ll see! Stay tuned and happy June!

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