Hub On Wheels Ride

Yesterday Dustin, my father in law Tom, his childhood friend Peter and myself rode the 8th annual Hub on Wheels in Boston.

Six thousand cyclists from all over came to ride the streets of Boston in this celebration (not a race) of cycling, to  remind the city how wonderful and easy cycling can be!  Ride participants could choose to ride 10, 30, or 50 miles.  We chose the 30 mile distance.

Starting Line

The day turned out to be a perfect cycling day and we had a blast riding through lots of neighborhoods in the city, providing spectacular views of the Boston Harbor, Franklin Park, Forest Hills Cemetery, Charles River, Boston Skyline and The Arboretum. The best part was that we could bike all over Storrow Drive as it was is closed to traffic — such a thrill!

On Storrow Drive

Of course I couldn’t resist and take tons of photos along the way with my iPhone=)

Me and my love

Dust and his dad Tom

Check out Dustin

The ride was incredibly well supported with volunteers and signs marking the turns, mechanical aid on route as well as stations at each rest stop, food and water stations along the way.

Volunteers playing while riding

I loved riding around Castle Island, it was so peaceful!

Castle Island

We had to stop and take a Team photo with the scenic view of the Boston Harbor behind us!

Team Photo

Here is the Map for the three different Routes.

HOW RouteMap

In about three weeks(October 14th) my hubby and his dad Tom will be riding together in the Dempsey Challenge ride in Lewiston Maine. Here is what Dustin said:

Cycling has done a wonderful thing in my life and for a certain member of my family. Years ago my Father seriously injured his knee while skiing and to help himself with the rehab he took up cycling and it worked wonders. In that time it gave me a chance to surprise him with his first real road bike and also for me to start myself. Long story short, he now has the “fever” and it takes all I can to keep up with him. A few months ago he told me that he was going to be doing the Dempsey Challenge ride in Lewiston Maine in October and my wonderful wife has talked me into doing it too, but the best part is I get to spend 50 miles in the road with my Dad and raise money for the Dempsey Center which is for Cancer hope and healing. I’m not only doing this to be with him but also to raise money for the unfortunate disease that he is bravely fighting every day with a smile on his face, and that smile is no bigger than when he is looking back at me from his bike.

Please help Dustin hit his goal of $1,000 and be part of this great ride with them. Donate here=)

My love

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