Chicago Marathon Training

12 Weeks ago I started to train for the Chicago Marathon and as I’ve already mentioned this time was way different then the other 3 times I trained for a Marathon. This time I was fortunate to be coached by Rick Muhr, who is extremely knowledgeable about effective training and has years of experience in the field. Weeks went by, my mileage increased and my training plan was getting harder and harder.  But it was all worth it! Now, at the end of the training cycle, I’d like to look back on my training, reflect and do a recap, which is also a great way to keep track of my training in one handy place.

So how did the training for Chicago marathon go?  Very well!  I run a lot and I run fast. My entire body felt strong and my legs felt  solid, strong, and powerful. I would have love to practice more yoga and do more spinning but it was hard to fit everything in it when I was spending most of my time running. Maybe that could be my focus for next year Boston. Anyway, here is a recap in milage of the 12 weeks of training for Chicago:

Weekly Mileage

Week 1 –  July 2 – 7 ~ Total Miles: 56.29 Miles

Week 2 –  July 8 – 14 ~ Total Miles: 56.55 Miles

Week 3 –  July 15 – 21 ~ Total Miles: 58.92 Miles

Week 4 –  July 22 – 28 ~ Total Miles: 60.31 Miles

Week 5 –  July 29 –  August 4 ~ Total Miles: 62.91 Miles

Week 6 –  August 5 – 11 ~ Total Miles: 63.03 Miles

Week 7 –  August 12 – 18 ~ Total Miles: 53.18 Miles (Vancouver Vacation)

Week 8 –  August 19 – 25 ~ Total Miles: 71.86 Miles

Week 9 –  August 26 – September 1 ~ Total Miles: 72.54 Miles

Week 10 –  September 2 – 8 ~ Total Miles: 73.24 Miles

Week 11 –  September 9 – 15 ~ Total Miles: 76.93 Miles

Week 12 –  September 16 – 22 ~ Total Miles: 52.83 Miles

Week 13 –  September 23 – 29~ Total Miles: 43.69 Miles

Week 12 –  September 30 – October 6 ~ Total Miles: 31.95 Miles (Pre-Marathon)

Monthly Mileage

July  255.10 Miles

August 280.49 Miles

September 266.70 Miles

Total Mileage 

834.25 miles

We flew to Chicago early on Thursday morning. For the day I had plan to run a 6 miler, so after we settled into the apartment near Wrigley Field, I took of for a nice run.

Amanda, Dustin and I at the Airport

It was a beautiful sunny day in Chicago, and the temperature was in the 70’s. I found my way towards the Lake Michigan shoreline and run towards the city. I had the best run ever. My views running were stunning, I had the sand and lake to my side and the skyline in front of me.

Chicago Skyline

View from the beach

People biking along the lake shore

Self Portrait

On Saturday, the day before the Marathon I run an easy 3 miles around Wrigley and even though it was chilly (in the 40’s) it was a perfect rehearsal for what I was going to wear on race day.


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