Typical U.S. Female Runner: How Do You Compare?

Happy November! I was browsing around the web for a challenge to do and I run into this interesting quiz on the Running Usa website. Did you ever wonder how you compare do the Typical U.S. Female Runner? Well if you did go ahead and do this quiz and you’ll find out!  This is the typical “core” runner.  Core runners are  active adult participants who tend to enter running events, train year-round, and purchase 2-4 running shoes each year.


  • Average Age: 38.5      I’m 39.
  • 63.2% Married        Yes, happily married to the love of my life!
  • 78.2% College educated     Yes
  • 70.3% Earn a household income of $75,000+      Nobody’s business!

Running History:

  • Average number of years running: 9.9 years  I am way less than this.   I’ve been running for 2 years and 8 months!
  • Average number of running events participated in during the last 12 months: 7.2 events    I have done only 7. Probably took training for Boston and Chicago Marathon too seriously and didn’t have time to race!
  • 51.8% have completed 1 marathon or more in their lifetime   I’ve run 4 Marathons so far and it’s definitely my favorite distance to race.

Running Routine:

  • 70.4% Run/Jog 4+ hours each week   I spend 7 to 10 hours a week running
  • 77.7% run 12 months a year   You know it!
  • Average number of days run per week: 4.0  웃 I run 5 days a week.
  • Average number of miles run per week: 21.9   웃 I run 60-70 miles a week when I train for a Marathon and 40-50 Miles a week when I am not.
  • 66.1% describe themselves as ‘Frequent/Fitness Runners’   웃  Hmmm I would say dedicated and competitive

Running Preferences:

  • Favorite race distance is the Half-Marathon (39.0%)  웃  I love Half Marathons but running Marathons is absolutely my favorite and the race I am stronger at it.
  • Interested in entering next year: Half-Marathon (77.0%), 5K (57.3%), 10K (56.0%), Marathon (43.3%)    YES to ALL!


  • Primary motivation to start running: For Exercise (25.0%), Weight Concerns (14.5%), Needed a New Challenge (9.3%)  웃  I needed a New Challenge
  • Motivation to continue to run: Staying in Shape (76.8%), Staying Healthy (74.2%), Relieving Stress (64.4%)  웃  YES to ALL and primary I run because I love it, I was born to do it and I love racing!

Product Preferences:

  • Average number of running shoes purchased in last 12 months: 2.9 pairs  웃  4-5 pairs a year
  • Last running shoes purchased: ASICS (26.4%), Brooks (16.6%), Saucony (14.2%) 웃  2 Brooks and I love them but I trained for Boston and run Boston with New Balance and they are my favorite!
  • 65.3% spent $90+ on their running shoes and 47.9% purchased their running shoes at a specialty running store  웃 If I don’t win them or given them to me as a gift I go to a specialty running store.
  • Favorite brands of running apparel: Nike (64.8%), Under Armour (45.7%), Champion (34.3%), adidas (30.7%)  웃  lululemon all the way=)  Before lulu I was a Nike girl!
  • 80.4% spent $100+ on running apparel in the last 12 months and 59.6% purchased running apparel at a specialty running store  웃  Hmmmm I definitely spent more than $100. I work for lululemon so it’s hard to resist all those beautiful technical product I see come in every week!


  • Average Weight: 137.6 lbs      I am lighter and smaller in every way. I am about 107 lbs but want to get down to 100 lb
  • Average Height: 65.01 inches    I am shorter, about 5 feet
  • Average Body Mass Index (BMI): 22.9   웃  I am 21.6
  • 40.9% are content with their weight   웃  I am happy with my weight but would like to get lighter so I can run faster=)
  • 42.3% are content with their fitness level   웃  I know I am in very good shape but I also know that with hard training I can get faster and stronger as a runner.

Pretty fun ah! What about you? How do you compare to the average female runner in the US?

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