Race 2 ❤ Recover NYC

Not all of the 47,000 runners registered to run in the New York marathon planned on actually running. Many thought it was insensitive to run and a charity created a website urging runners to donate their rooms in New York City to people who have been displaced by Sandy. Here is what I love about the running community, on Friday morning they launched and new website urging runners to donate their rooms to NYC residents who have been displaced from their homes. It’s really simple, ready the message on the home page and please if you are able to JUST DO IT!!

With the cancellation of the 2012 ING NYC Marathon, we know that there are 47,000 disappointed runners across the globe.
And in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, thousands of NYC residents have lost power, water, and some have even lost their homes.
We can’t undo the tragedy that’s befallen the New York City area in the past week, but we’re here to help find the good amongst the rubble.
Marathoners donate their hotel rooms. Sandy’s displaced victims get a place to stay.
We all win.
If you’re a runner willing to donate your room, all we need from you is your hotel reservation information and we will call the hotels directly to facilitate transferring the reservation.
If you’re a New Yorker looking for a place to stay please submit your information and we will grant you a room on a first come first served basis.
Media, please help spread the word.
Contact us with any questions.
And remember, this is literally a race against the clock to ensure that these reservations don’t go to waste, so please act with a sense of urgency!

If you want or need a room and if you want to donate money you just have to click on the image below that represent you, fill in the form and submit. EASY!!

Thank you runners and God bless you and New York City! And to bring the spirit up here is a fun illustration was circulating on Twitter…


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