My Runniversary…3 Years!


3 Years ago today I took my first steps running and absolutely fell in love with the sport and the running community. I met fantastic people who have encouraged me, advised me, and pushed me. Running is a solo sports, that you can do it by your own, in any given time and anywhere you’d like to run. Running makes me feel powerful and strong, is a stress reliever and I love the challenges it presents both physically and mentally.  Friends, travel, relationships, solace, peace, love, frustration, time, pain, joy, fun– it has all been there, wrapped up in countless pairs of shoes and miles.  I have medals and photos and lots of wonderful memories. I have not only called myself a runner but have been doing it long enough to be able to realize what an incredible gift that is.

While I was browsing the web I stumbled upon a blog called The Logic of Long Distance by Jeff Edmonds. His post “How it Works” perfectly describes what being a runner and training mean, and it deserve to be shared:

“This is how it works:

Training is doing your homework. It’s not exciting. More often than not it’s tedious. There is certainly no glory in it. But you stick with it, over time, and incrementally through no specific session, your body changes. Your mind becomes calloused to effort. You stop thinking of running as difficult or interesting or magical. It just becomes what you do. It becomes a habit.

Workouts too become like this. Intervals, tempos, strides, hills. You go to the track, to the bottom of a hill, and your body finds the effort. You do your homework. That’s training. Repetition–building deep habits, building a runner’s body and a runner’s mind. You do your homework, not obsessively, just regularly. Over time you grow to realize that the most important workout that you will do is the easy hour run. That’s the run that makes everything else possible. You live like a clock.

After weeks of this, you will have a month of it. After months of it, you will have a year of it.

Then, after you have done this for maybe three or four years, you will wake up one morning in a hotel room at about 4:30am and do the things you have always done. You eat some instant oatmeal. Drink some Gatorade. Put on your shorts, socks, shoes, your watch. This time, though, instead of heading out alone for a solitary hour, you will head towards a big crowd of people. A few of them will be like you: they will have a lean, hungry look around their eyes, wooden legs. You will nod in their direction. Most of the rest will be distracted, talking among their friends, smiling like they are at the mall, unaware of the great and magical event that is about to take place.

You’ll find your way to a tiny little space of solitude and wait anxiously, feeling the tang of adrenaline in your legs. You’ll stand there and take a deep breath, like it’s your last. An anthem will play. A gun will sound.

Then you will run.”


Early this morning, I went for a 20 mile run on the Boston Marathon course from Natick,where I live, to the Newton Hills. It was nice out, about 35/40F degrees, there were people out training on the course and I was felt pretty good! What a great way to celebrate 3 years of running!  And I rewarded myself with the 2013 Boston Marathon Jacket. Since my first Boston in 2010 I’ve been waiting for BAA to make the old blue and yellow color jacket, and guess what? This is my lucky year finally! I think it’s bad karma to wear it before you actually finish the race, so until after the race it will stay hung up in my closet=)

2013 Boston Jacket

2013 Boston Jacket

In the past 3 years I have…

  • Ran 30 races including 4 full marathons and 12 half marathons
  • Shaved 20 minutes off my first  Marathon
  • Ran a total of 5,921.8 miles since day one

It has been a good three years and I am so grateful. So here’s to another great year of running!

How do you celebrate your running milestones?


6 thoughts on “My Runniversary…3 Years!

  1. So, the way I figure it, in another year you will have run the distance from Natick to Arco and back. Bravo!! You continue to be an inspiration to me….thank you bella

  2. That sounds like a great way to celebrate. I looked for your when I was on 135 coming back from my computrainer class. Love the new coat! Well deserved speedy!

  3. Journey of a passionate runner….indeed! You are beyond inspirational – you have transformed your way of being in the world via the incredible gift of running. Happy Runnversary Bella!!! Get it running girl!

  4. So proud of you my love… I still remember day one when you went our for that first run, I had no doubt you would concur your first marathon and so many more after. You are an inspiration to me every day you step out that door (before I even wake up) and hot the pavement.

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