Marathon Fever Strikes Boston!

Boston has been hit with marathon fever! With just less than two days to go until the 117th running of the Boston Marathon there is a certain excitement in the air around Boston.


Marathon Fever

I was anxious to hit the John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo this morning, so Dustin and headed to Boston pretty early . There were SO MANY people around Boston…the buzz throughout the city is just incredible and made me even more anxious to run=)


Boston Fevah

For the first time the Boston Athletic Association has created a RUNNER PASSPORT™ to help all runners maximize their Boston Marathon experience. There are city maps, visitor suggestions, and key race information throughout the booklet. Most importantly, the runner Number Pick-Up Card is the back cover, and can be submitted at the Expo.  After I turned in my Number Pick-Up card,  they gave me my bib number packet, and a blue lanyard with a plastic sleeve.


My packet

I put my passport in the sleeve, and I wore it around my neck to identify yourself to others as a Boston Marathon participant=)

photo 1

2013 Boston

After getting my number and the shirt we  run into Gina and Mat on our way into the exhibition. I haven’t seen Gina in a long time and I was really happy to see her. Especially because I am not sure I will see her on Monday.


Gina & I

We walked around for a long time, stopped and talked to the Pro-Form booth where they were featuring the official Boston Marathon treadmill. This thing is sick!  First of all this treadmill is designed with the help of the BAA, and it has a setting that actually mimics the terrain of the Boston marathon by matching the elevation every mile of the way. The coolest part is that it has an video of the course, which was filmed, during the 2012 Boston Marathon. And while we were watching going by mile 10 where we lived we saw Dustin in our front yard waiting for me…pretty cool ah!


New Balance

Dustin bought me my new favorite shirt!


My new shirt

We were in the Expo for 3 hours and I was really starving at that point but I really wanted to wait till Steph got there. I was anxious to see her! She looks great and ready to go!

photo 5

Steph & I

Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan were signing autographs at the Nissan booth but the line was endless that decided to get some food in my belly instead. Those two ladies are an inspiration to me and it is an honor to run the same course on the same day as they will. If you think about it’s a privilege. Under the same conditions we all can see how we stack up against the top athletes in the world. In what other athletic event would you be able to play on the same field as the best in the world?

Second tome running "with

Second tome running “with” Kara

We went to get a glimpse of the finish line too…just from far though.


Finish Line

In the swag bag this year they had a special 26.2 Samual Adams Boston Brew bottle opener.




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