Love Boston

I’m heartbroken. I still find it hard to believe what happened. I have no words. I ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. I wasn’t there when the explosions went off like my friends Marisa and Stephanie. But I had been at the finish line 90 minutes prior, and had seen my husband and his parents waiting in the crowds for me.


My family

I finished the race around 1:18 pm and walked aways to get my gear bag and met my husband and his parents at the family meeting area. For some reason this year took longer than the previous years. I finally met up with them around 2pm and hugged each one of them. I was cold so we started to walk our way back to our car that was parked on the parallel street to Boylston Street. It was a beautiful day. People were congratulating me for running the Marathon.  We walked right by the course and saw runners taking their Right On Hereford on their way to the finish line. Everything was normal. We drove back to Natick to find a place to eat and as soon as we got our food I got a text from my mother in-law asking me: ” Are you OK? What’s with the explosion”. Few minutes later our friend Dutch calls me checking if I was ok.  That was just the beginning of calls, texts, facebook messages we received in the next few hours. We saw the footage of the explosion…I was saddened and just felt sick. I couldn’t even think of food.


I was infuriated and repulsed by the ugly details of this tragedy. Why? Innocent spectators at a marathon? It was supposed to be a day of joy and celebration instead quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance. What if I was 90 minutes slower, I keep asking myself… My husband and his parents were there in the crowds, what if the timing had been slightly different…I assume most of you went through the same wave of emotions I did – shock, disbelief, horror, tears, grief.

I don’t have the answers.  I don’t feel much better. But I know one thing, those evils who did this underestimated the strength of the human spirit.  Hero’s immediately responded to the tragedy running towards the explosions to help; runners hitting the finish line and continuing on for the hospitals to give blood, Bostonians offering up their homes…didn’t they know that attacking us, they actually brought us together even more.  The running community came together and  people across the world are continuing to show their support by wearing race t-shirts and Boston Marathon blue and yellow. The #prayforboston hashtag & #runforboston showed up in social media almost immediately, whose organizers encourage runners to dedicate their runs to our city and share it as to spread the LOVE!



Yesterday, me and my lululemon Natick run club, ran for Boston, for the victims and for everyone that couldn’t have the joy to finish.


Run for Boston

People were talking about how the Boston Marathon would never be the same and how runners will fear running the marathon again. I think they’re wrong. It’s true that the Boston Marathon won’t ever be the same, in fact it will be more meaningful. What I’ve been hearing all around me from runners and non-runners is: ” Next year I’ll run Boston!” That’s right! The turn out is gonna be bigger than ever and we will prove that we are standing united, we will keep going and do what we are passionate about chasing our dreams!



I also want to add that I am overwhelmed by how many people cared about us… I thank you all not only for caring for us but for still showing me a support that I could never dream of. A support that I need now more than ever to help me start the process of healing. Keep on running.



One thought on “Love Boston

  1. Love you, love this, and love Boston. Thank you for bringing us together last night for the #runforboston, and for sharing your experience of Monday and beyond. The strength of the collective human spirit will overwhelm any devastation that has been endured…it must.

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