Countdown to the 2013 Boston Marathon: 1 Week to Go!

Let the countdown begin…1 week  til 2013 Boston Marathon!

At this moment in my training , or should I say tapering, I can barely contain myself. I’m a bundle of extra energy and nerves that could explode at any moment! Ask my husband Dustin. Even though I insist saying that tapering doesn’t bother me in many ways, Dustin has few facts that will prove me wrong.


This weekend I dragged my hubby to Hopkinton…sorry=)

Tapering is a necessary aspect of endurance training and it starts in the last few weeks before the big day.  Runners begin to cut significant distance from their training. It is a time to make sure you get adequate rest, prepare psychologically and allow your body to heal from the intensity of training. In fact, tapering allows your muscles to repair the micro-damage of intervals, your energy systems to store up glycogen, and that last bit of tendonitis in your knee or ankle or hip to finally go away.


Thanks Amanda!

Not all athletes experience the same feelings, or combination of feelings, but it’s common to experience taper blues. Taper madness, is a common condition hits marathon runners all over the continent few weeks before race day. It manifests itself in different ways for different people. Lots of people become convinced that their leg or foot is broken and almost everyone (me included) finds themselves either wanting to scream at or actually screaming at the innocent person (my hubby) who dared to sneeze in their close by.

I researched what are the common symptoms of TAPER MADNESS and here what’s included:

  • You’re constantly hungry.  You’re convinced you’ve gained 10 pounds since you started tapering. ~ YES most definitely!
  • You don’t know what to do with yourself with all of your new free time. ~ Am I writing a blog post or what?
  • The inability to speak of or think about anything but the race. ~
  • Restless feelings of boundless energy. ~ N/A  I always have extra energy…ask around lol
  • You become irrational and grouchy and you drive your loved one absolutely crazy. ~ Guilty as charged! I admit it…I’m grumpy, snappy and even a bit (or a lot) irrational. And I am taking this opportunity to apologize profusely to my hubby=)
  • You obsessively check the weather forecast for race day. ~  Not me! You can’t control the weather can you? So, why worry about it!  I will run the best I can under whatever circumstances.
  • Extreme feelings of self-doubt in your ability to run the entire distance and/or run it at goal pace. ~ Of course I do! Ahhhhhh
  • Random aches, pains, and swelling of any and all muscles and joints, which convince you that your marathon career is over. ~ Always…Ugh!!
  • Every little twinge makes you think you’ve got a race-ending injury. ~ Deserved to be mentioned twice. And this is for you Steph Brewer=)
  • You’ve planned out three possible outfits for the race and keep asking running friends for opinions on which one to go with. ~ Nope. Hmmm but maybe I should start to think what I’m gonna wear! 
  • Most of your Facebook updates are marathon-related. ~ Yes and I apologize!
  • You research celebrity marathon times to see what famous people you could beat. ~ No, but I’ll do it now!
  • You’ve vowed to not eat pasta for at least a month after the marathon. ~ I’m from Italy, of course NOT!

So, in one way or another we all experience these symptoms, the key is to do our best to stay calm, relaxed, and rested until the big day is finally here!

My Runner’s Passport, welcome brochure came and BAA run club instruction packet came in the mail last week.

photo 1

Runner Passport

A little history about the unicorn icon adopted by the Boston Athletic Association(BAA) in 1887.  That was actually 10 years before the first Boston Marathon.  The unicorn symbolizes an ideal in mythology.  An excellence that can be pursued but never attained.  It is in this pursuit that an athlete can push his or her limits.  I love that simple goal oriented philosophy.

photo 2