Chi Town Marathon: Photo Report

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”  ~ Karl Lagerfeld

Own Chicago

It’s not a secret that I love  photography. Why? It’s living art. It capture’s the essence of a moment in time. It allows you to see life through the eyes of someone else and connect with their heart and soul. Time doesn’t stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in a click.  To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental. It’s an opportunity to freeze the world and absorb all the emotions, actions, consequences that are attached to that moment. Here is my Chicago Marathon journey through photographs…

The 35th Bank of America Chicago Marathon was an event record with 37,455 participants that crossed the finish line under cool conditions in Grant Park.

Starting Line

After running 26.2 miles, and making it to the finish line, at least 1,300 paid marathoners walked away without a medal. According to a report from a Chicago-area ABC news station, an internal investigation is underway to determine how the organizers of the Chicago Marathon lost over one-thousand finishing medals.


Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia sets course record crossing the line in 2 hours, 4 minutes, 38 seconds.

Tsegaye Kebede

As I said I was feeling great, my body felt strong and I was very focused on the race.


The Chicago Marathon’s 26.2 mile course took us through the many diverse neighborhoods that make this city great.

I see you

The condition on race day were ideal, it was crisp and cold with temps in the 40s but not much wind at all at the start.

Getting ready to make some action for photographers

What I was thinking…“I feel amazing, and I will keep this pace.” Passing half way is a big step because you can then start counting down the remaining miles and mentally that is a boost.

Feeling good and having a good time

The 26.2-mile tour of diverse cultures, historic buildings, renowned architecture, vibrant murals starts in Grant Park by Lake Michigan. From here the route goes through the neighbourhoods of northern Chicago and all the way to the South side before it returns to Grant Park, taking the runners on a colorful journey through the many sides of Chicago.

Running through one of the 29 neighbors

The crowds along the way are famed for turning up in large numbers (1.7 million spectators) and are extremely supportive. Here is a very interesting article about the evolution of the Chicago Marathon’s Spectators.

Giving my infamous gang sign to the amazing spectators

As I mentioned in my previous post, during the race probably at a half way point I spotted a girl that looked strong and seemed to have my pace and didn’t let go of her.

Running through Old Town side by side

Running through Chinatown…with me in the lead

Running through Chinatown

Spectators were very encouraging yelling to us: ” Great job ladies!”

Again side by side

Around mile 23 or so my legs were now feeling the effects, and there were a little sore but I was determined to not let that get in my way and kept pushing through the pain.

Amanda taking the lead

Here I was running the last stretch up to the turn. After you turn left you hit the only hill on the course. It’s only 200 meters long and really not that steep, or long. So I tackled it.

Last stretch on the hill

The crowds were thick and loud and I reached the top and saw the 200 meters to go sign and took the final left-hand turn to the finish.

Focusing on the Finish line

Last 200 meters I sprinted home. While doing so I caught my husband eyes through the crowd and started to smile and raise my arms in victory. He was so happy and proud!

Sprinting home

I was in disbelief, elated, just completely blown away when I realized I run it in 3:11!

The moment I realized I did it

Mission accomplished

When I crossed the finish line I went to catch my pacer as I desperately wanted to introduce myself and thank her for helping me pushing through the race. It’s amazing how much runner help each other without even talking! Like my coach Rick said: ” Unspoken trust and bond.” I love that! This is one of the many things that make this sport unique. Thanks so much Amanda Miller from Kansas!

Amanda Miller from Kansas…my awesome and strong pacer.

I am so excited to announce that Rick Muhr will continue to be my coach and help me prepare for Boston 2013 and beyond! For the next few days he is having me run relatively easy as he want my full recovery be the top priority. I have a Half Marathon in few weeks but he said that  I’ve got plenty of fitness and we just need to avoid injury.  In today 6 miles run he wanted me to take a moment to reflect on the significance of my Chicago accomplishment and how fortunate I am to be so gifted and talented. What an amazing coach ah!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”


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